Human Biology They've come to snuff the Rooster

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    They\'ve come to snuff the Rooster

    Shortly before his ear-marked assasination, JFK gave a very passionate and defiant speech calling for the World to look ahead toward a peaceful existence. Then came the Vietnam War........... LBJ was a wheel that could be turned very easily, for he believed that the current would remain strong enough.
    Into the millenium we find that situational aspects are again very similar. Optimism seems to act as an opening act for the real plan.
    The Rooster impregnates as many as he can, that's his job, nobody asks valid questions. You know he ain't gonna die.
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    Ok maybe I am tired, but I am not getting the point of this, please clarify and if you have the JFK speech please do post it. I am trying to understand the relations between JFK, Rooster, job, and the thread this is listed under, biology. No offenxe YW, just missing the mark here.