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Discussion in 'Astronomy' started by Mizar, Oct 9, 2004.

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    Ok here is the deal why havent we dont this? it would surely pay for itself in the long run. Earth is constantly poluted. We are running out of energy recources and we are running out of recources in general.

    I propose that we use the great ion technology on deep space one and on the Star Dust mission to send a small craft to a heavy metal Asteroid that has a 1-5 years Near Earth Orbit and is in the size of 5km to uh anything. now we make sure this asteroid ins solid and is a metal one then we send up specaility designed teem of robots to begin bulding a mineing platform and system on the small asteroid like send up a fleet of 15. 10 will mine surface metals and the other 5 will beging constructin so we dont have to wait years for it to coe back around to send supplies back up. or we could launch a prefrabicated mining station there. So we get there and we start mining this asteroid either with humans or robots either willl do on its nearst approaches to earth it ships the ore to a are in orbit. a 5 km asteroid could produce more metal ore than we can in like 30 years. but anyway.

    we have this NEO asteroid being mined so then we use the ore to construct giant solar pannels in space to collect solar energy and i mean big like 10 km big and we set up a microwave relay station in teh center of a desert so the raditation cant harm anything . so we trans mit all this CLEAN RENEWABLE energy to earth that was created with MATERIALS made in space. and from that point we jsut continousy ship the metals back to earth for production here.

    but first we need the space station finnished because its help would do alot in this kind of mission.

    i know there are problems in that but hey its an ide thats been circulating for a while and i didnt get all the details right .
    as soon as we can take industry off of earth the sooner earth will become a bueatiful residentail park. that is clean.
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    lets just build these solar panels on the moon
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    good point.....:(