Metaphysics "There is no stream of consciousness"

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    \"There is no stream of consciousness\"

    I recently read this article about consciousness and I thought it was very interesting. A few quotes:

    Maybe consciousness is not what it seems to be. She describes several experiments that seems to favour this hypothesis. I'm still not convinced of the theory though. The evidence is not overwhelming and the theory leaves you with a few difficult questions:

    But what am "I", the subject, in this explanation? Am I only made up by the brain retrospectively to explain what I have done or sensed a moment ago?
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    Whew! I thought you were gonna talk about Faulkner, he makes my head hurt.

    After reading thatI asked myself the question am I conscious now?
    And a tiny voice said, "no go to sleep", lol just kidding, but seriously you dont think about it till you read something like this, I have moments when I cant remember what I was just doing or thinking. Your mind keeps a running record of all your sensory inputs but is that consciousness, or is consciousness just knowing that you exist?
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    Is it like when you listen to a song on the radio, and you think to yourself "i like that song" but as soon as the song ends you forget what you were listening to?

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    Yeah kinda like that, or when you are studying and you read a section of text and cant remember one word of what you just read.

    Its actually like I myself never read it, I know the book was open, I know I turned the pages and time passed, but I didnt read anything???

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    Thats how i am in the mornings before tests....terrible way to study