Sociology The Wealthy .... Who gives to Charity?

Discussion in 'Sociology' started by JcMinJapan, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. JcMinJapan

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    • Bill Gates gave $28.3 billion which is 37% of his income.
    • Warren Buffett gave $321 million which is only a mere 1% of his income.
    • Paul Allen gave $798 million which is only 4% of his income.
    • Michael Dell gave $1.3 billion which is a respectable 8% of his income.
    • Larry Ellison gave $151 million which is only a mere 1% of his income.
    • Steve Ballmer gave $23.4 million which is not even 1% of his income.
    • John Kluge gave $504 million which is only 4% of his income.
    • Pierre Omidyar gave $358 million which is only 3% of his income.
    • Sumner Redstone gave $78.4 million which is only a mere 1% of his income.
    • Phil Knight gave $64.8 million which is only a mere 1% of his income.
    • George Soros gave $5.4 billion which is 43% of his income.
    • Eli Broad gave $1.6 billion which is 21% of his income.
    • Michael Bloomberg gave $132 million which is only 3% of his income.
    • David Geffen gave $6.8 billion which is 4% of his income.
    • Gordon Moore gave $28.3 billion which is 64% of his income.
    • Steven Spielberg gave $96.9 million which is only 4% of his income.
    • Jon Huntsman gave $497 million which is 18% of his income.
    • Bernard Marcus gave $799 million which is 12% of his income.
    • Ted Turner gave $799 million which is 30% of his income.
    • Alfred Mann gave $608 million which is 30% of his income.
    • Bill Gates - Microsoft
    • Warren Buffett - Berkshire Hathaway
    • Paul Allen - Microsoft and other investments
    • Michael Dell - Dell Computers
    • Larry Ellison - Oracle
    • Steve Ballmer - Microsoft
    • John Kluge - Metromedia
    • Pierre Omidyar - Ebay
    • Sumner Redstone - Viacom
    • Phil Knight - Nike
    • George Soros - hedge funds investor
    • Eli Broad - Investor
    • Michael Bloomberg - Bloomberg LP
    • David Geffen - DreamWorks SKG
    • Gordon Moore - Intel
    • Steven Spielberg
    • Jon Huntsman
    • Bernard Marcus
    • Ted Turner
    • Alfred Mann

    I will finish this list later when I have more time. But, This really amkes you think who you should buy the products from. Personally, I will be buying from the most that put stuff back into society and not just for lining their pockets. ;)
  2. Cinderloft

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    An excellent list JC! Once compiled, people can begin a compassionate social boycott. Once those people see that investing in humanity turns more profit than themselves, perhaps it can affect change. Just think, if each of those people gave 1% of their income to a third world country to HELP development, not just to sustain the flawed aid systems in place, but to develop basic utilities, infrastructure, jobs, etc, how long would it be until the majority of humans could live as humans, with dignity.
  3. DreamLandMafia

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    Iv always said that Bill Gates is both God and Satan.

    LOL! I just noticed the site you listed...MSNBC...owned by Bill Gates.
  4. junior_smith

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    i give bill gates huge credit for the moeny he has donated, more people with money should strive to be like him. Well sone bill :D.

    also a friend of mine has an autograqph picture of bill gates, i put that in because, i found it very strange that bil gates would go to autograph signings.
  5. pineappleupsidedown

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    Thank you for including the percents as well, the christian faith believes 10% should be given to the church(or charity) and makes a bigger point of portion vs dollar amount.

    Now take your idea cinderloft, and have them (as well as everyone else) donate 10% instead of one. There would be so much less pain and suffering if that money was put to better use than just buying another really expensive car or whatever.

  6. oddtodd

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    I don't care about the percentages , if you give what you have earned away to the less fortunate , it is a good thing regardless of the amount .

    I do believe in tithing , but not in a religious sense . I just think random acts of kindness can make the world a better place . You also do not have to give $$ to contribute to charity .
    Your time or efforts can help on a smaller scale and sometimes all that cash being handed out does not make it to the intended parties but gets used in "beauracratical distributing infrastructures" . The money gets spent on the "charitable " people running the show and leaves little for those in need .

    I will buy a homeless person food instead of giving $$ for booze (not all homeless have drinking problems , It's just when I see a sign at a traffic stop saying "hungry " I provide what is needed even if it is a 1$ McChicken or a bottle of gatorade sitting in my back seat . I have given a bicyclist a lift and thrown the bike in the back of my truckwhen I see them walking theire bike up a very steep and long hill , and picked up a stranded motorist who was on his way to borrow $$ for gas and didn't quite make it . Bought him gas , brought him back to his car and was pleased with a sincere thank you as my reward . I was also an hou late to work that day....

    If you are charitable in any way , I don't think you should be expecting a reward . I do have several friends who are so pissed at the system here that they donate the maximum amount of $$ they can to tax deductable charities so they wind up supporting the people that the government does not and also avoid paying for the war machine that they despise .....

    The 20 people listed here have donated almost 77 BILLION dollars !!!
  7. junior_smith

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    i really think they should give more though, this could be ignorant, but if you put me in the same situation as paul Allen say i would donate a lot of money.
  8. oddtodd

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    Paul Allen is a really descent guy . My uncle up in Seattle is his personal doctor (no kidding !!!) . he took 50 elderly people to the Olympics a month or so ago and brought my uncle along to care for any physical needs they may have had .

    How many parties have you gone to that provide for ALL your needs , festivities and health included ?

    These were people who would have never been able to afford a trip to Athens much less see the Olympics in the location they were started so long ago .
    He totaly enriched these peoples lives , and showed respect to the elderly (as we all should) who may have been well cared for and secure in their twilight years , but deserved a reward that they would not have recieved without his "charity"

    This is one of the many forms of charity that have no monetary value that I was speaking of .

    Donating money and donating care are two different things , we could all stand to be a bit more compassionate , and start caring more thru our actions , not just our wallets .

    People who care , and have the means , give in their own way .

    Whether it be a billionaire who has a rocketship and is one of the wealthiest men in the world taking a bunch of elderly on a cruise on his fancy boat thru the islands where mythology was spawned , or a quick lift up the hill from a guy like me , it makes no difference .

    Give what you can in whatever way you see fit . You earned it and it is yours to do with as you please ....good for you if you try to help !!

    I wonder how many billionaires donate nothing , they would be a sad lot...
  9. JcMinJapan

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    Great thoughts. But, you will find that they ALL give to charity. Not that they want to, but because they are all tax right-offs. I am not sure of the % of money thay can give up to for taxes and such, but that is why I made the list. My thought is the more that they give, the more that they care about society and actually helping out. That is also why I added the %`s in as well. In my thinking, the 30% from Alfred Mann is showing caring alot more than then the 4% by Paul Allen, even though Paul Allen gave more in dollars. It shows a bit more in how much the put charity first. Now, I am not saying anything about them on how they personally feel or the personaly things they do for others, as there is really no way to know. Also, I am sure they would want to keep that stuff private as well, unless they are only doing it for publicity. But, to know who gives back to the community is important for me. After all, I give alot to many of those people and I am part of the mass that are lining their pockets. I feel much beeter knowing that it will at least go back to the community is some way.

    Personally, I give about abut 15% of my pay to charity. No real reason, but I like to keep it to a round number... ha ha I give to two orphanages each year and go out with their kids about twice a year. I am a mason and we also have kids days for the orphanages around the Tokyo area. We invite them all for a weekend of fun. We pay for the transportation, lodging, food, and games. I always volunteer to do games or something. I just love the look on their faces during those days. It is great fun. As you can see, I do not give to the LARGE foundations, partly, it is the same as ODDTODD brought up. Too many of the larger ones take out alot of the money to pay themselves and only a portion goes to helping. That is why I try to help out the orphanages. The care takers are payed by the government and the whole amount that I give goes to helping those kids with medical, education, and activities to enrich their lives.

    Just some rambling thoughts. ;)
  10. DucKid

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    What do you mean only 4% of his income! That's $504,000,000! Regardless the percentage! Who cares what percent it was? It's MILLIONS OF DOLLARS! I would take millions of dollars anyday! Regardless of his percent income! I don't care if it's .000000000001% of his income! $$
  11. pineappleupsidedown

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    I disagree Duckid. Yes, it is a lot of money, but the proportion makes the difference.

    A little kid who gives 9 out of his $10 allowance to charity is putting in more of a dent than someone who gave $100 out of their $10000.

    Yes, the 100 will go further, but the kid had a kinder heart.

  12. Kalibur

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    I suppose it's not the amount or percentage of money that matters, but the good that is accomplished by the giving of it.
  13. JcMinJapan

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    To me, it is about the person who gave, not really the amount. To give money away for free takes a big heart and alot of caring. To me, the percentage means even more. I agree 1000% with pine on this one. That $9 may be nothing to Warren Buffets 321 mil., but when that was 90% of all the kid had compared to 1% of his pay, to me.... the kid has a bigger heart.......