Lit & The Arts The Wake explained part. 1 - Online resources on James Joyce's Finnegans Wake

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    The Wake explained part. 1 - Online resources on James Joyce\'s Finnegans Wake

    One of my favourite novels is James Joyce's Finnegans Wake. I'll post more on this novel later.

    James Joyce is one of the great authors in English fiction. He was born in Ireland in 1882, but spend most of his life in Trieste, Paris and Zürich. He wrote five novels in his life, of which four were published: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Dublines, Ulysses and Finnegans Wake. There was also a play, Exiles, and two bundles of poetry, Chamber Music and Pomes Penyeach. He died poor in 1941. I'll list some good online resources on the Wake:

    • The entire text of Finnegans Wake is available online at Finnegans Web.
    • The James Joyce Scholars' Collection has the following out-of-print books freely available online:

      Yes, this also includes the first draft version of the Wake. This one is much easier to understand because it is basicly the Wake stripped of all its linguistic play.
    • The JAJ Portal's Finnegans Wake overview has a lot of pages about the Wake, for example about the characters, drafts and translations. It summarizes the plot of the Wake as follows:

    • A shorter version is available at The online shorter Finnegans Wake.
    • Bill Cadbury's home page provides an interpretation of the Wake.