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  1. ATSadmin

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    (Skeptic here)

    Well... we made it!

    What fantastic fun this has been.

    Some seven months ago, John bull 1 first came up with the idea for the event. After a great deal of time kicking around concepts and ideas, the hunt was born with some very fun mystery.

    The original concept was indeed to hide four rings in different geographic locations. As we began to research the issues and legalities related to dozens of ATS lunatics searching high and low in areas they thought might have a ring... well... we changed our mind! :p

    I want to touch on something I mentioned in the annoucement post on ATS... you teamwork... absolutely amazing. All of us who were on the "inside" of planning and managing the event were constantly amazed at the great combination of teamwork and skill portrayed in passing the various stages of this event. More than any other single event in the history of ATS, "Find the Rings" has demonstrated what a solid and cohesive community we have. Only four somewhat valuable gold rings were available... but instead of keeping clues to yourself, everyone shared... we're still amazed at this.

    oh... and a note about the actual rings...

    Yes... they are indeed from an LOTR collection... but solid gold none-the-less. We originally had a custom design under way, but when we ran into sudden and unexpected troubles with the vendor, we have to move VERY QUICKLY to obtain four rings.

    We will likely hold some type of game/event/puzzle/challenge twice a year from this point forward. They may not always be as complex and intense as FTR was, but we can promise they will be challenging.

    Thanks again to everyone who participated. I hope this prize of a new discussion domain attached to ATS helps expand the "ATS Universe" even further... so far, judging simply by those involved... we have high hopes.
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  2. DreamLandMafia

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    Wonderful Job setting it up Skeptic!

    Sooo...we're Lunatics are we?? Well then...i feel so hurt now. :( ;):D

    Can you tell us the solutions to the clues we couldnt figure out?
  3. DarkHelmet

    DarkHelmet Member

    Good idea about the contests and such... Though I came close to getting one ring, I may have better luck with any other ones. Thanks for setting everything up!
  4. Cinderloft

    Cinderloft Premium Member

    Here here! I as well would like to know the outcome of a few things. I need closure! lol. Props to everyone. I do have one suggestion, now that this place is ours, I think we need to get everything from the ats Hunt forum into the hunt forum here. Is it possible to just take a copy of the old forum and plonk it into an archived hunt forum here? Just a thought.

  5. phantompatriot

    phantompatriot New Member

    i didnt take part in FTR even though i read up about it and stuff. but when we have the next event i gaurentee you ill take part.
  6. tjack

    tjack New Member

    Skeptic, John Bull, all who set this up.

    Bravo, Gentlemen, Bravo.

    This has thoroughly entertained me since early June or so. I wonder how many person-hours of productivity were lost to that infernal hunt! I don't hold a candle to the captains and the others who were always on the bleeding edge of the progress being made, but I was there watching and thinking the whole time.
    My hat's off to all of you.
  7. justme1640

    justme1640 Member

    Wow SO and John Bull you two are truly twisted and have sick minds (btw this is the highest of compliments coming from me!) to have come up with this idea and implement it in that short time. :cool: I had visions of you sitting around a table planning this for years to come up with those nearly impossible clues (well impossible to most of us - except the 4 Captains) And now you tell me it was just a couple of months ...........geeze.

    Just wanted to say thanks for all your efforts and for all I learned in the process.

  8. Bleys

    Bleys Phoenix Takes Flight Staff Member

    Just wanted to extend my congratulations to SO, John Bull, Springer, etal for a brilliant game. The planning, the execution - truly amazing. Just as a spectator I was entertained.

    Oh and BTW - I liked the measles outbreak on ATS! (it was so needed)
  9. ATSadmin

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    (Springer here)

    I must second SO's appraisal of the TEAM WORK, it truly blew us away! I'll never forget the U2U I sent him when you all ripped through a clue set, we intended to take a couple days, in 25 minutes or so! AMAZING...

    The "opposition" threw ringers at you but you overcame them all and ultimately won the day. I SALUTE YOU ALL!

    Stay tuned for our next "adventure" in mental power, team work and FUN!

    I am looking forward to this site becoming a haven for the "DENIAL of IGNORANCE"... Based on what you showed us in the Hunt I have no doubt it will surpass our expectations.

  10. ATSadmin

    ATSadmin New Member

    (Kano here)

    Bloody well done guys, it was a little scary sometimes to watch how quickly you were chewing up all the clues we could pump out.

    I just hope you guys enjoyed the hunt as much as we did, it was a blast from this side of the fence. :)
  11. JcMinJapan

    JcMinJapan Premium Member

    Next time... We get to be on the other side of the fence!!!!!

    I will bring my lounge chair, beer, chips and hotdogs for all!

    LET THE GAMES BEGIN.... ha ha

    Springer had way too much fun with -5-. I think it should be my turn... ha ha ha
  12. John bull 1

    John bull 1 New Member

    The initial idea bore very little relation to how it turned out.I'm grateful for the credit I've been given but I would be remiss if I didn't say that the success of FTR was basically down to SkepticOverlord,Springer,and Kano.Without them there would have been no FTR.

    Together they worked tirelessly to make it happen.
  13. dashcat

    dashcat New Member

    JCM, you would be too easy to spot. You have a tell....ha ha ha :)

    Thank you FTR Admins for the great game. The puzzles were fun and hard and the search was enlightening. I really know the UFO forum now. I can't tell you how many times my searches got bogged down because I followed a thread to it's final post even though I new it had nothing to do with the game. I am a huge fan of Pisky's writing now :)
    Thank you again PMs for a great game. PANU SAKANU
  14. Mark

    Mark ♤♡◇♧ Staff Member

    I wonder what they would think now?