Technology The Tulsa Riot Of 1921

Discussion in 'Technology' started by amantine, Feb 19, 2005.

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    Today I read this article and I think it would be nice to have a discussion about it. Should the desendants of the victim get reparations?
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    :shk: A shameful reminder of our troubled history that should not be forgotten.
    It is hard to imagine that things like this happened less than a century ago and that people, who are really no different than you or I, were capable of such cruelty. Nothing is more vicious and unthinking than the mob mentality.

    With that said - I dislike the whole idea of monetary reparations for such things. There has not been a culture or ethnic group on this planet that has not been subject to some sort of attrocity at one time or another - do we pay everyone? If we look just at US history alone - the list is immense - the Chinese, africans, native americans, italians, irish, japanese and others.

    There are some graves outside the place I was born that I visit on memorial day that only a few locals know about. The graves contain the bodies of dozens of Chinese immigrants who were massacred in the early 20th century for taking railroad jobs away from the locals. From stories told to me - this was not an isolated occurrence out west.

    IMO the best way to honour the people who have been unjustly killed or discriminated against during the birth of this nation are to remember them and educate our children about our ancestors shortcomings.

    My 2 cents.