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    I hope this is not too easy for you people...

    A police officer, John Jones, is assigned to a difficult investigation. A local noble has been found dead in his office, a gun next to his blood stained body. This story happens when there was no scientific police, and thus no fingerprint analysis or ballistic analysis could be done.

    A few weeks later, John Jones is reporting to his boss, and he is very proud. He finally found a letter, written by the dead baron. A suicide letter. He says to the chief that he found it in the dictionnary of the dead, between the pages 47 and 48.

    Just after that, the chief thanks him, and asks him to sit down. He then goes out of his office, calls another officer, and both of them then come back in the chief's office. They arrest officer Jones. Why?

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    because the even pages come first, so it would be between pages 48 and 49, or 46 and 47.

    ive heard this one before, it took me FOREVER to figure it out the first time.

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    YAY i got it right without cheating the answer i cme up with was that pages 47 and 48 were written on the same leaf in the book but it is the same thing! :D took me 20 seconds though :p