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  1. Waxy cheesecake

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    Choose the correct letter from each clue in the rhyme below. When put in order, the five letters will spell the answer to the riddle.

    My first is in tap, but not in cap.
    My second in up, but not in tap.
    My third in look you'll always find.
    My fourth in please keep in mind.
    My last in pay and also pink.
    My whole a flower, try to think.

    I hope this will give everyone a little challenge.:D
    You can find the answer here. http//:www.braingle.com/brainteasers/teasers.php?op=2;id=20333;comm=

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  2. jake1209

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    tulip? the thing i don't get is, there's no "i" in "please" for the 4th letter...

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  3. Waxy cheesecake

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    Your right. The "i" was in the "in" and "mind".