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    Since this is the spotlight forum for march i've decided to creat this thread dedicated to the arrival of intelligence and the progression of mankind. The foundations of Darwinism, evolution, and creationism. Any scientific archeological finds that has spawned or propelled these ideas will be discussed here.

    I'll start us off:

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    In actuality this thread is to condense all of the dispersed threads on the origins of human life. Wheter you believe in Creationism, Darwinism, or another side you must agree that there is hard scientific evedence on what, where and when we were created. This thread shall probe the theories of the creation of mankind, fact fiction and folklore.

    Don't quote me on this but i'm gonna give a quick generalization of these theories.

    Darwinism: Created by Charles Darwin around 1836, after serving as a British Nationalist collecting artifacts. This theory is one of "Natural selection", stating that the animal with the best traits survived. He wrote his first, and best selling book, "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life" in 1859. This set the religious world ablaze with talks of blasphemy. He states that mankind evolved from what seemed to him to be a "monkey-like" skull. The extended frontal lobe gave the species more of a instinctal survival rather than a logical philosophy.

    Creationism: Derived from ancient Jewish texts called the "Torah". It depicted a God creating men and women from the essence of nothingness. This was later translated into different languages as it spread to a not only jewish community, but an overal christian community with the coming of Jesus Christ. This is the most widely accepted version of Creationism, others include the eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism. Essentially, Creationism teaches that a "God(s)" made man and woman together to serve under him, the basis of all religions. While little more than ancient texts and oral tradition to back this theory, it is still indeed widely accepted.
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    In fact : Darwin only used the word evolution once in his entire book " On The Origin Of Species" in his final summary . He got a bum rap on the "evolution" debate that bears his name .

    There were many factors that may have caused the evolutionary split of #@!&% sapiens eons ago , one of which is natural radioactive chain reactions in Africa .

    We may all be mutants , and the primates are the normal result of "evolution"
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    Its really funny, geologist James Hutton discussed selective reproduction and survival of the fittest 60 years before Darwin, look it up!
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    Intresting, too bad Darwin got the rap for it. Personnally I believe that a God started it all, and that evolution took over. I mean to blatantly deny evolution is stupid in my mind.