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Discussion in 'Zoology' started by tablet, Nov 20, 2004.

  1. tablet

    tablet Premium Member

    One things that amaze me is dog's memory, I'm sure there are many more creatures on this planet that can amaze us we just haven't got the time to really understand them.

    Back in my homeland I have a dog (I was little then and do not know the name or kind of dog it was).

    One of my family member departed this dog for more than 15 years and when returned the dog still remember! But anyway, the bad thing is that this dog was captured and got eaten by another human. This was one of those dog that are not aggreesive just a silent type that normally sit in front of the house and watch over things.

    Here in Canada I got bited by a dog on the leg! I think I got infected by the english poison from the dog. Now I can read and understand english. But it's still blur.

    That's my encounter with pets. What's yours?

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  2. oddtodd

    oddtodd Premium Member

    Confirmed Cat lover casting first vote. The difference between cats and daogs ? Dogs think they are people , cats know that THEY are :D

    My German Shepard from ages 9-15 would guard my mothers door when she would take an afternoon nap . My sister and I could not even go down the hallay without our own pet growling and showing his teeth . Moms rest was never disturbed EVER !!! .

    In hindsight , I wonder if she trained him to do that ...( just kidding , he just naturaly protected her , pretty cool now that I think back but scared the poo out of me then ! )
  3. tablet

    tablet Premium Member

    Wow. Interesting. Have you tried to dressed in Ninja Suit to get pass the cat? or "Hey, Kitty, shshsh... I have a surprise for you. Pull my finger, that's right... pull my finger it comes with surprise for cat!"

    Interesting cat story however!

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  4. Aubiefan05

    Aubiefan05 Member

    I've always been a huge animal lover, my poor mother used to have to deal with me smuggling animals in all the time, everything from hermit crabs to hamsters. I think she always hoped it was a phase I'd grow out of, but that never happened, now I'm a Zoology major. :D

    Right now I've got a dog (retriever mix), cat, four guinea pigs, and two Chacoan tree frogs. We're working on the partridge in the pear tree, they're in high demand during the holidays, you know. :yes:

    On the topic of German Shepherds--they are hands down my favorite breed, we had one (he died years ago) that was smarter than most people I've met. He knew all the names of his toys (example: "Go fetch your bear, ball, etc"), and he was extremely protective without being aggressive...I'm actually going to be getting a shepherd in a few months, I'll be moving out of state soon and am waiting until I'm settled in to get one. German shepherd genetics are pretty interesting to study, there are so many distinct bloodlines within the breed.
  5. pineappleupsidedown

    pineappleupsidedown Premium Member

    Definatly a dog lover. I dont like cats as much, but sometimes they can be cute and friendly.

    Right now i have a Pitbull Mix, she is the best!

    And for all of the ignorant out there, violence in pitbulls is nuture, not nature.

  6. tablet

    tablet Premium Member

    Now whenever I see a dog I avoid it.

    You won't believe what people are afraid of... phobia. I once wached a show in the past where people are afraid of pets.. Like CAT, Snake and Clown!!

    So much drama.
  7. Bleys

    Bleys Phoenix Takes Flight Staff Member

    You name it I probably had it as a pet at one time or another. Horses, dogs, cats, snakes, lizards, birds, yada, yada, yada.

    My passion is horses - smart, loyal, even funny at times. Right now Seth and I have a 5 year old black Lab who thinks she's still a puppy and Miss Kitty, our 6 year old shelter rescue. She is mistress of the house - getting fed first and choice of bed mates each night. We couldn't imagine life without them.

  8. helenheaven

    helenheaven Premium Member

    I used to have chickens..which I raised from chicks but sadly they are with me no more...

    I have a dog called Jade, but he's really my's son's dog (I don't really like dogs) and she has to go as he killed one of the chickens..of my neighbours chickens..

    I have 2 wondeful cats, Gracious (because she's grey, and Timmy (because he's timid)

    Don't like animals bigger than me, so no horses

    There is a cool book called "Teach your cat to paint, "which I recommend to any cat lovers...
  9. Aubiefan05

    Aubiefan05 Member

    Every Pit I've ever been around has been so incredibly sweet, I really hate the bad image that the fighting industry has created for them, it's horrible. Their image went from being that of the family dog on "Little Rascals" to killing machines, and it's just not accurate.

    Actually that's one of my biggest "pet peeves", no pun intended. I hate breed stereotyping. Some of my favorite breeds are Shepherds, Dobies, Rottweilers, and people usually assume that they're inherently vicious...it's just not the case. Yes, certain breeds are naturally more protective, but with socialization, basic training and responsible owners, they're great pets. The breeds most often seen as "dangerous" tend to be ones that were bred to work in the past, and when people get them and expect them to exist as little more than yard ornaments, sometimes they don't handle it well at all. I think you're absolutely right about the "nurture not nature" thing, most of the time when a dog is vicious it has been unsocialized, neglected, mistreated, or all of the above.

    I work for a vet, and the size Extra Small muzzle is by far the most used one, there are so many spoiled lap dogs that will take a person's finger off for looking at them cross-eyed. I can only think of one Rottie client that requires a muzzle, and I don't think a single one of our Pit clients has to be muzzled for routine procedures.

    I think that statistics on dog bites are skewed, also., because they're based on reported cases. Obviously if a Shepherd or a Pitbull bites someone, it will probably cause damage and will most likely be reported. If someone six pound Chihuahua gets just as angry and bites someone, chances are it won't be reported, people tend to think it's "cute" when little dogs are aggressive.

    Sorry for rambling on and on, lol, the breed bias topic is one thing that really gets to me. I'm having a hard time finding housing in Alabama (I'm moving there next spring) that allows Shepherds, even the places that allow large dogs have breed restrictions, even though I'm willing to provide professional temperament evaluations and documentation of obedience training.
    Anyway, in a nutshell, Pineappleupsidedown, I totally agree with you on the issue.
  10. Magical Trevor

    Magical Trevor New Member

    I love PETS!!! I have many cows. Pets in this dimension, but very talkative in the other dimension!
  11. Mizar

    Mizar Premium Member

    hahaha trevor that remined me of that Issac Asimov short story about the 4 demensiona cats called " Time #@!&%"
    it was a strange story becasue the "cats" could be in time becasue they were 4 demensional creatures and they would like catch a cold weeks before they should. oh that was a strange story....

    i love my cat
    I have one my mom has 3

    my cat is hated by everyone but me so its funny. MY cat steals everyones food wakes them up in the night bites them and is just funny. i mean she isnt one if thoes prissy mean cats. she is verry playfuland likes everyone she just errr is "meaner" to everyone else and steals their food she does stuff to make them mad and not me. o i love her
  12. Waxy cheesecake

    Waxy cheesecake Premium Member

    I am am established cat lover.:D
  13. /Future Corpse/

    /Future Corpse/ Premium Member

    See I always thought it was that the loyalty of cats needs to be earned, but the #@!&% dogs will give it up to anyone with a meaty bone.

    Wow, that really did not come out good!;)
  14. bluesunday

    bluesunday New Member

    Cats Rule No question about It . -the cat- :wow::roll::wow:
  15. marg6043

    marg6043 Premium Member

    I love animals and my favorite are dogs, I had four I lost one he was 14, so I still have 3 they are all lasha aphsos.:bouncy:
  16. black hawk

    black hawk Premium Member

    i own 4 dogs..and they all keep the robbers out...LoL
  17. elizabeth

    elizabeth New Member

    I have a chihauhau, a toy terrier, and two cats. I have to admit I like my cats better. Shhhh...don't tell the dogs.
    My old gray tomcat "Harry" is my fav. He's fat, lazy, and always let me know when his food dish is empty.
    Actually maybe he's useless, but I love him anyway.:)
  18. DontTreadOnMe

    DontTreadOnMe Member

    Sounds like denying ognorance and a love of animals go hand in hand.
    There must be a connection!:pbjtime:
  19. papa viejo

    papa viejo New Member

    3 cats and 2 more coming when my daughter moves back home next week. There's gonna be some #@!&% kicking to get every-body straightened out territory-wise. Actually I'd like to come back as a cat in the next life............ no i want to be a cat right now.
  20. I love animals just cant keep up with them. I have a Betta now. I think he is going to die of boredom.