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Discussion in 'Sociology' started by Young William, Jan 31, 2005.

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    Hello all,
    I appreciate the diverse input that this site offers, a motivated individual could stand to learn alot.
    I would like to comment upon an experience that I had in my last year in the USAF.
    I had made rank quick, and was deemed "a keeper" whatever that means. Anyways our squadron had a special duty trip to Norway, and I was selected to participate.
    Upon landing between two breathtaking fjords, I was immediately taken aback by this new experience. The next few weeks were quite a learning experience as I found peace, solace, and relaxation prevelant throughout the community that I was introduced to. The deployment was near Trondheim, and that gave me an oppurtunity to engage in social interaction with a good number of citizens.
    To say that I was confused, is an understatement. Neutrality, acceptance, love of life, and carefulness were present at every stop. I recall walking to a Norge security shack after I launched my aircraft and getting some of the most valuable feedback that I've ever recieved.
    "I watched you launch that fighter plane," said one young Norweigan security officer, " And I couldn't believe how thorough you were, serious, unwavering, and almost like a programmed robot." "We in Norway do not consider such anger , our love is Our land, Our pastime is skiing." After only a few days there, I found myself searching for a reason to be upset, my anger drifted away, and the rest of my experience was very passive, appreciative, and above all, sharing.
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    Ever listen to Lennon?
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    Nice that you have experienced the other side of life.
    Fear in it's many forms anger, hate, jealousy... is such a large part of modern life in many cultures. To the point we're not even concious of it, it has become such a integral part of sociaty.
    New Zealanders as a culture are raised pretty hard and 9 years in the army had formed me into a man full of fear, which I experienced as being tough.
    I met a man one day who asked me what I was afraid of.
    I asked him what he ment and he pointed out how staunch I was.
    For many years I have thought about this and I now realise that it was indeed a mask to hide my fears and not what I am naturally.
    It has taken many years to remove this mask and let my loving accepting self be seen.
    Now I have no fear of anothers oppinion or even death. I can now truely be free and act with love for myself and others.
    It has been a long prosses of un-learning but it gets beter by the day.
    To change, take an example of what you wish to be ie.loving, peaceful, concious, understanding. And from the moment you start acting like this you are this. It only takes one moment.
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    Thru the many experiences and places I have been in my lifetime, I have seen things that I would not want others to see and some things I would love to take people to see for themselves so they can appreciate the life they have.

    There is so much that I have seen, experienced, been thru in life, that many people will never ever experience in 2 lifetimes. But I learned from those things, those chats, those ideas, the lives shaped by tyranny, dictatorship, by freedoms that we dont even see, by their own laws, laws of the land, the peace and prosperity that people have.

    Those who have been in the military and served abroad, know of what I speak, like YoungWilliam. It just changes your perspective on life and how you view it when you interact with other cultures and those stick with you, may not at the time it happens, but in time when you recalect on the past and those who were part of it.