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    could anyone explain the origins of our moon?
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    The actual origins of the moon are still unknown. Earth has the largest moon by planet moon ratio in the solarsyste. It is roughly 1/3 our size. Which makes it a large satelite for a planet. The leading theory of the formation of the moon is that a planet the size of mars orbitid in a highly ecentric orbit betwen earth an mars. This planets orbit came verry close to earth at times. This all took place in early proto-planet solarsystem when the solar system was verry young. One time the planets hit earth at just the right angle. Then matter and cork iron etc... was cast into earth orbit where it coalesed into our moon. Evidince to support this is....

    Rocks on the moon had a composition close to rocks back on earth and were high in Iron. The moon also was believed to have an Iron core

    The rocks on the moon had no water in the m whatsoever and were completly dry. this sugests a pariod of intense heat all around the moon.

    There are other thories about its formation but this is the most excepted.

    BTW- that immage of the moon. Was it taken from applo crafts? Because Ive never seen the moon from that angle or maybe it is a polarized immage that is playing a trick on me.... I duno it just looks weird. THe mares appear to be in places they would never be seen from earth.
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    I've been in Panama for the last 2 weeks and had achance to watch the moon go from half waxing to half waning. I've spent most of the last 50 years in Canada and am used to the moon in all its' phases, however, the moon does tricks way down south. It started as a half circle with the flat part down and over the afternoon and evening it appeared to rotate about 180 degrees so that it set as a half circle with the flat edge up??? My son and Idecided it was all connected to axial tilt and the moon's plane of revolution about the earth.
    I'm open to alternate explanations or places to go search.
    how does the moon look from the southern hemisphere??
    THANXS for any help
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    Six weeks.... no reply???????
    The moon is waxing here, again in Canada, and it is a half circle with the flat side down, in mid-afternoon. By midnight it had rotated about 100 or so degrees so that the flat side was a little north of west.
    Any thoughts???????????