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Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by Icewolf, Dec 8, 2004.

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    Just since I'm in this kind of mood, i thought i'd add a new thread, *yay* I can hear you all cheering now, (funnilly enough thats what this post is all about)

    The Mind
    I can't quite comprehend how/what exactly it is that allows us to see things. For example I can think of an apple just now, I could see it, taste it even yet it isn't real. In my mind I can do a lot of things, i.e fly or more comlex things (math) but what exactly is it i'm doing, and where is it my mind goes to do such a thing?
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    Having a look at most thread in the philosophy section this questions to me becomes irrelavant.
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    My favorite Homerism!

    What is mind - never matter. What is matter - never mind!

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    Someone on this board once posted this site with hunderd of links to scientific articles about consciousness. I suggest you read a few, especially those by Dennett.
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    its called imaganing, lol. If you tasted an apple, cut an apple, etc you already know how it happens and memorize it, so you can imagine it in your mind, and remember the taste, the look, how it looks inside how to eat it lol, etc. So you can imagine it, because you remember it. But if you never ate something, like lobster (ive never eaten lobster) i wouldnt know how it tastes, and i cant taste it in my mind cause i dunno how it tastes (i wanna!! lol) im imagining it right now, but its not real. Im imaganing it because i know how it looks like and i remember that.
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    Yes, but I like doing thing like flying in my mind, I can control everything, everyone, but not just thins that I remember, i don't know what it's like to fly, but I can mix up things I do know, like falling, and a windy day, to make a good guess at what it would be like, would it be possible one day to links thats to a computer and get it to recreate this, (a cheap way to make films!!)
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    Or maybe you imagine what it would be like by viewing birds? Anything someone wants to do it is to do something faster, better, cheaper, or do something we've seen another species do. Thats basically all we invent.

    Our mind has boundaries, but the fences in our head are blocking us from thinking about things we didnt even know existed. See my point?

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    You can "control" in your mind...yes...and 'imagine' in your mind...yes
    BUT can you do it if you have no point of reference? Do we imagine and control our minds ONLY with what we have learned from our personal experiences or those of others, what they have revealed to us through word, art, or media? Maybe.

    If so, how do we account for those children who are born, without any information or experience at all, and yet compose symphonies, paint glorious and intricate art, have mathematical genius, even at ages early as one and two?

    Personally I do not have any answer, probably because it wasn't a reality in my own life, of course my children ARE geniuses :hail:

    :yes: but that is another story :oops: