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Discussion in 'Technology' started by tablet, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. tablet

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    It's here and it's comming real soon. Now before I go on let me make clear: We are not talking about conspiracy. We are talking about The Microchip and what it can do for us and what it can't. The good and the bad of it all. It's inevitable that we will have a microchip implanted into our body. Here's what a microchip can do for us:

    #1: Help us identify the good guy from the bad guy. (Terrorist). IF this ever come then the Patriot Act is not needed.
    #2: Cashless society. No more going to bank, that mean we can be lazy. Just show them our hand. And stay home and let it watch over us 24/7.
    #3: Store all kind of data

    Will you take the Microchip? I will not take it. I am spiritual.
  2. masqua

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    It's an idea who's time has come, I agree...but I hope the chip will be implanted somewhere extremely difficult to steal.

    I envision lots of kids or grannies with missing digits because what used to entail purse snatching has evolved into thumb snatching, if you catch my drift.

    Wouldn't it be easier just to use biometrics for accessing accounts?...the human iris being so individual, perhaps backed up with a handscan? Or would there suddenly be hordes of eyeless and handless people in city centers?

    We need to get away from PIN numbers and cards, though, cuz they're just too easy.

    I have Onstar in my car...which is just a like the chip you envision and they can find my car anytime, anywhere (except the far north).
  3. kiwirobin

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    Nobodies putting no chip into me!!!
    They already know where I live, who I call, where I buy my bread, that I frequent a site called Ignorance Denied etc.
    It gives me a feeling of freedom to know I can leave all that behind, put on my backpack, walk two days into the bush, camp by a river and at night lie on my back looking a the stars and feeling really really small and alone on the earth.
  4. Mark

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    Although I would be inclined to deny that ignorance from being installed in me, I do see some benefits.

    1 - Cashless. You walk into a store and pick something up and walk out. The sensors charge your bank account the bill, and you dont even have to know.

    2 - Hard to do Identity theft.

    3 - Less personal robberies. After all, your not carrying cash.

    4 - If you get lost, or are unable to call for help, the chip could sense the extreme stress and transmit your coordinates via GPS, to 911.

    many other examples come to mind, but,.. new crime wave then too...

    People stealing the chips from other people,... the hard way. :larrow:
  5. Derek

    Derek ■֎؜♫■ Staff Member

    With security being as big as it is now, We may not have a choice in the matter if it is to be installed or not. It would be awfully convienent to just walk into the store, pick what I need and walk out though!

    Privacy nowadays is almost nill with all the security devices known and unknown installed all over the place, take your cellphone, most I have heard have GPS tracking capabilities, probably even works when it is off, the on-star in most new vehicles, cameras littered all over traffic signals, in malls, restaurants, casinos, alot hidden from plain view. The newest being RFID tracking, I am helping to install some of this stuff in the current job I am at.

    Will this ever come to a stop? I really doubt it, the monies being made with this new "need" for high tech security will keep it on the front burner for many years to come IMO.
  6. Waxy cheesecake

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    Sorry, but no one is going to put anything like that in me.
    They'd have to sedate me to put it in, and afterwards I would locate it and then immedately remove it, with my hands if nessisary. I would keep doing so if they kept implanting them.
    Of course, they might make it so if you don't have the chip you can't buy anything, which means no food. I'd start living as a hermit in the woods, hunting my own food, the entire survival outfit.

    Sorry, but no ones putting a chip in me. EVER. Death first.