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    The \"melting\" pot

    The first half of the twentieth-century was seemingly a time of cultural and entrepreneuriual explosion. The "message" was recieved..............Evidence still lies in ruins mostly along the "rust-belt" of the U.S.(Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, etc.).
    The second-half seemed to at first, revel in the good times, but later begin to question the very format that had brought such immense "progressive" change about.........
    Capitalism is a very broad term, it doesn't simply unfold with directions, but I wonder... What can we make of the recent "unfolding" of events?
    Karl Marx's argument seems to be unfounded, for their was no social recociliation.(Adjustability). Obviously, the U.S. is a land of many cultures, but what does that mean?
    How can one define oneself, as American......Scandinavia is defined, Slavic is apparent. With a little effort, it's even quite easy to distinguish the Portugese from the Spainards.The Constituional Convention was not a "melting" pot........unless your referring to the liquidation of gold....
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    I have never considered America a melting pot. I think of it more as a tossed salad. (though being a 1st generation American my view may be skewed). See, we are each a different ingredient, veggie, meat, eggs, cheese, etc. - that is our ethnic culture. As in our heritage (mine is Italian). However, we are all flavored with the same dressing and tossed together. The lettuce is still lettuce, the cucumber is still a cucumber, but they share the same American dressing so they taste the same but different. And this idea of the same but different is exactly what makes America unique.
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    Good post! Never thought of it that way....but what about social identity??????????????
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    Dang, now we are referring our country, the US, as a refernce to food. Well, we are one heck of a tossed salad with a bunch of extras in it. Good visual ref though.
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    Maybe the best part of being an American is knowing that you are a product of many cultures, ethnicities and beliefs. You will find that there are very few purebloods in the states - they are a minority - most of us are descendants of several ethnicities.

    The next rung in the evolutionary ladder could be the natural blending of many races into a single Earth race that incorporates numerous cultural beliefs. What a wonderful world it would be then.

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    my best suggestion for an American theme would be that we might be thought of as being 'tolerant' of our biodiversity. ie melting pot, ie tossed salad ie heinz 57 instead of striving for conformity :shk:

    just don't eat the pits of the olives:smug: