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Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by sean2000, Mar 10, 2005.

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    everything that has a meaning has a purpose. we know that if it has a meaning that signifies that it has a use a purpose of some sort example: Words have meanings their purpose is to express thoughts, emotions, feelings ect. what i believe is that to some extent the purpose is the meaning the purpose defines what the thing is. example: the word bat has difrent meanings its how u use it that defines it its how u use it that u find the meaning. What i think of the meaning of life is that it is like the word bat it has many meaninga each unique different to the rest so the thing is lifes meaning depends on you and how you use it
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    what is the meaning to your life
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    This topic has been thrown around alot and if your interested I'll be glad to answer. The meaning of life is so simple but people keep trying to find a complex answer to it. Think about it. Were we put here by "GOD" to serve him? Really the answer is what you want it to be but my view on it is were here simply to live. Easy huh? The meaning of life is to live, survive how ever you want to put it. And how you live is your own affair and no one elses. So really the meaning of life doesn't have an answer cause how the person lives their life is were the answer lies. Live a good happy life get a wife have some kids and pass on your blood. Live happy die happy. That's all that really matters. :) :up:
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    To live life to the fullest and to follow your bliss. To let go of your ego.
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    You know Isai, umm, uhh, I mean uhh sean, I think that you really overanalize thngs:pbjtime::pbjtime::pbjtime::pbjtime::pbjtime::pbjtime::pbjtime:

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    I think it is to create a "HIGHER AWARENESS IN OURSELVES'.
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    You can't create higher awareness.

    You have to be it.
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    I had NO idea what you were talking about and then by chance I started reading The Ultimate Hitchikers Guide (all the stories in one book) . Glad to have figured that one out !

    According to Monty Python's Meaning Of Life : " Every sperm is sacred , every sperm is great , and if a sperm gets wasted .... God gets quite irate ! "
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    To find the meaning of life
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    Life is to exist. Life will find a way to survive cataclysm, as it has countless times in earths, and other planets the universe over. Life exists on the vents of superheated water in the vents of volcanoes, Life exists in between the rocks on the slopes of snow covered mountains. We exist in a tiny slice of Life, and depend on that survival mechanism. However, that mechanism does not depend on us. Humanity is quite expendable.

    what we do with the tiny slice allocated to us..... Mere survival gives humanity no more goal than common bacteria. Secrets of is probably that a Bee knows more about Nature than we do.
    Spiritual...maybe. would have been nice to have a better owners manual.....
    Maybe we pass through this existance to another. will be interesting to see whats on the other side someday.
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    In a volume of space that is 1,000,000 cubic light years, there is only one Earth-like planet and we are on it. On all the other planets we know of we would have to live underground like moles.
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    Meaning of life... My problem is with the misleading OF. It implies life possesses meaning. But life does not 'have' anything. It just is. We just tend to try and make meaning out of it. And that essentially is what we are. Meaning generators. I guess it's just a development of an animal instinct which in more primitive forms is barely recogniseable but is nonetheless the same instinct. So maybe we should ask instead, 'What do we make out of life?'
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    Ever hear of sensory deprevation. What happens when your in a sensory deprevation chamber is after a while you start to make up things to fill the emptiness that abounds.
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    Bode bliss,
    I don't want to give you a "crazy" military story, so I'll say this, ......perception has and always be a unique gift known only to self.
    In commonplaces we all adjust, but in private, we all fall back into our own personal worlds. Purpose then is both self-granting and recieving.
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    Mind clarifying that?

    Because I think you may have no military experience to share and your post has a hostile nature about it.
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    Hmm.... I must say that I want to believe that life has a meaning.
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    To possibly become fit for life elsewhere