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    I didn't know what to name this thread, so I called "The Matrix" because I'm going to talk about computer and universe. This might sound silly but it's something I think moments ago.

    We have computer at the moment, we understand how it works and we know that computer are fixed. A 2ghz CPU will run at 2ghz and no more (unless it's overclocked which is a whole different story). A computer have rams to store data temprorary and harddrive to store data permanently. You have keyboard, mouse to interact with the computer giving commands. You can connect to other computer (networking).

    A computer is built from ground up the first one takes alot of time and research. Once we have the blueprint in place the rest will advance based on the blueprint. Inorder to turn on a computer you need to press the "power" button but a computer can be program to auto turn on at certain time/date however battery (or energy of some sort) is needed to store such info.

    The current PC that everyone is using has a "BIOS" (Basic Input, Output System). Every computer has a bios and this bios contains very important information (hardware info), without it the computer will not turn on... and the wrong setting in the bios can freeze your computer or won't load at all which is an analogy to the Big Bang.

    Once we have everything in place then the computer will bootup then the OS is loaded. Then magic happens!! because are the rules and law are set.

    Almost everything about a computer is fixed. That's why we're constantly upgrading to newer one. We can't magically turn our 500mhz CPU into 3ghz! that's just not possible. Ok, into the interesting part.

    When you delete a file on your computer it's not really deleting, it's still there on your computer but invisible (ghost, or whatever you called). To fully delete it requires a special software that will replace the data with random data. IF it has not been deleted by special software then it can bring it back using a data recovery software (incarnation).

    The reason why you can't really delete a file on your computer is because computer are fixed. Can you really delete(kill) someone and make them dissapear? No, you can only turn them into "something else". Which is the analogy to delete files on your computer. And to bring a person back to life (incarnation) you better hope that no one mess with the original data after the person died. Otherwise it's unrecoverable which is an anology to data recovery.

    Is our universe fixed?
    Could we branch from one universe to the next the same way we transfer data from one computer to the next (networking)?

    I'll stop here because the analogy gets complicated. But if you think about it, the analogy will surface, there's more anology can't think of it at the moment. Here's a start for you: RAM(temporary data storing) and Harddrive(permanent data storing)

    **This is merely for discussion, I do not believe everything I wrote.**
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    To go with the is possible to download information from a computer to a disk and transfer said info to another computer. How could this be accomplished with the brain(aside from first-hand account,i.e. literature)? Is a biological interface possible?