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    I took this maths puzzle off of a site but due to a shortage of time, (okay I was playing Star Wars), I haven't got round to solving it. The website hasn't produced the answers but when you have an answer I'll solve it and post the answer and explanation. And please don't google the answer it ruins it for other people.

    The famous Kohinoor diamond has been put on display in a certain museum. The museum authorities have installed an electronic lock which has N buttons, each with a different symbol. To open the lock one must select the correct combination of the symbols, irrespective of the order in which the buttons are pressed. When each button is pressed it lights up. If the correct combination is lit, the lock immediately opens. On the side of the lock is a reset button which will turn off all the lights.
    The Jewel Thief visited the museum and noted down all the symbols. That night, he returned to steal the precious gem. Due to shortage of time, he must open the lock as fast as possible.
    What is the minimum number of presses needed to guarantee that the lock will open (including both symbols and reset)? Assume that all the lights are off when he arrives.

    Didn't I say I'd be back, With a harder puzzle Mwuhahaha

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    i dont know, that is going to take some math work and i was never to good with math
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    :D I know the answer took me 30 seconds to figure out :lb:

    Dont want to put the answer here till im sure its ok i have pm'ed it to ice wolf and will post the answer here firstly if its right and secondly if he says it is ok :D
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    ahh ok i jumped the gun a bit there sorry icewolf if i spoiled it for you :no: sorry sorry sorry sorry! cos as usual when i join forums i just start posting away without reading the PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING posts.

    So any way i realised that i could do this to show the answer that i gave :D

    There we go :D

    I hope this is right i just changed it a bit found a typo :D

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    Well i just looked back at my previous post and noticed that i said "I hope this is right", and acctually it is right so no arguements! :p :D :p
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    good job Sas!

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    So you managed to solve my little puzzle eh?
    Well you haven't seen the last of me (feindish laughing) . . *cough* *cough*