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Discussion in 'Astronomy' started by Mizar, Mar 15, 2005.

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    Ok. I see too many members scared off by the scientific forums... and little action in them. Well come on people DISSCUSS IT! So I spark THE GREAT ASTRONOMY DISSCUSSION! Lets talk about intresting astronomy facts, cool happenings in the sky, locations of galaxies, distances in space, is this real that you heard or read about in a book, how far is a light year, ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF! Let the great astronomy disscussion BEGIN!

    currently we are in the Winter/ spring constelation changes. FOr many people across the south like mexico lower america and central america a slight partail solar eclipse will be excerinced on april 21, i believe. The night sky still has the bright winter constelations in the setting west such as ORion the hunter and Canis Major the dog which contains the brightest star in the sky Sirius, and Taurus the bull. Rising in the east is the constelation Leo the lion with the magnificent bright jupiter, and the faint cancer the crab. Directly over head is gemini with saturn on their shoulders. and in the north the big dipper is rising.

    Now the floor is up for disscussion. Want to know how to find something I stated above? Ask! Want a question answered? ASK!
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    I’ve always wondered how the great astronomer in the past keep track/discover constellation. How did constellation come about? And what is its purpose? IF I were to look into the sky at night, I would see many stars and I would be confused.
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    Ancient cultures such as the egyptians and chinese believed the stars were the sould of the dead. Therefore the saw great heros and villans in the stars and told stories about them. Ah the Greeks and Romans as well, must not forget those
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    the constellations were used to predict the seasons, and to sail, to travel overland, for astrological purposes, and for general fun.