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    Two young girls were staying together in a large old house when the electricity went out. They were already nervous due to the storm, but eventually one built up the nerve to go for a flashlight. She put on her robe and headed downstairs.

    The other girl waited and waited and when she heard footsteps coming slowly her way she felt a wave of panic. She calmed herself down by deciding that when the person was close enough she'd reach out and touch the person's neck, and if she felt the furry collar of her friends robe everything was ok.

    When the person was close enough she nervously reached out and felt the familiar collar. She sighed with relief and as she began to move her hands she felt the bloody stump where her friends neck had been.

    --I read a story similar to this many years ago, but I heard that long ago, it was a true story about a killer who had done this and the body with what little nerve system it had left actually did stumble back in the room, the other person lived to tell the story, but died shortly afterwards due to the stabbing he or she had recieved from the killer.