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Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by Icewolf, Apr 3, 2005.

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    (not sure if this belongs in the physics section?)

    Does anyone have a link to a good illustration of how the earth will be destroyed? i've only seen one model of the sun expanding and destrpying the earth but it wasn't very good.

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    I have seen ideas floated that the material the Earth is made of would be better put to use in building a Dyson Sphere and in that eventuality the Earth would be shreded and incorprated in a shell at the distance to the Sun of the current planet.

    Can you imagine how manny life forms could be supported like that?

    Well if it were a band(like Halo) the height of Earth and the circumference of it's orbit(instead of a sphere). The band could support 1.35 trillion people at 1/100 the current density of population.
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    Bode what is a Dyson sphere? Please explain, our you stating that we would take the matter of earth and build a giant space station? Because its mostly molten, I dont think we have the tech to do that.
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    Freeman Dyson , a physisist : hypothesized that a star could be contained in a giant sphere , a self contained solar system with the inhabitants living on the inside of the shell . He is still alive and an interesting fella .

    I don't know if any of you watched Star Trek The Next Generation , but there was an episode where Scotty was rescued from the outer surface of a Dyson sphere . After he crashed on the outer surface he put himself in the transporter buffer and his pattern went in loops til he was rescued .
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    I seen that episode and Scotty lived well beyond what according to Startrek he shoulda of course you know the Startrek populous was denied the human augmentation(as witnessed by the harange over Dr. Bashire's augmentations in DEEP SPACE 9er) that will soon face us. So they lived and died ,but w/ augmentation the current gen might live forever.

    It was a good episode as it brought to the surface a catchy idea.
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    See there is such thing as gravity in space we are just in a giant free fall. Now the world will be destroyed at a solar alingment... it will be a perfect alignment of all 9 planets and then..

    Pluto will crash onto the surface and fall out of the free fall first then Neptune ontop of pluto then Uranus on them then saturn will fall followed by Jupiter and then mars then us and then venus and mercry. Now we have a giant smushed solarsystem and its just a big pancake of planet junk. But then the burrner comes on AKA the sun slaps down on the big jumbled mess and everything is sucked up into the remaing mass of the sun right before it is smushed itself. THen the sun due to the increase of foregin materail goes super nova. THe super nova is so powerful it rips the "bottom" of the universe and falls through. The expansion of the matter thrown out of the super nova is unleashed into a blank and empty universe and in turn creates a new universe on the matter and energy released. It is in a free fall also until it his its cosmic "bottom" when the process will be re done by hundreds of other stars. And that is how the universe began.

    Yes that was a joke and I made it up but hey it is just as good as some other creation destruction theories. Eh?

    Well on a serious note. We really can't tell how it will happen its anyones best guess and that my freind is what 90% of science is .. Best Guesses.
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    We will fry when the sun starts to go red and begins expanding , once the sun has used a substantial amount of itself as feul , gravity will not keep it compressed .
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    I agree w/ you , Mizar. Good point!
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