Politics & Gov The Drug War Vs. Marijuana/hemp

Discussion in 'Politics & Government' started by Cinderloft, Sep 1, 2004.

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    What I can not figure out is why hemp is not legal to grow in America/Canada. Billions of dollars spent, with no real result. Hemp is an extremely versitile plant with many uses. It could single handedly revive a country and its agricultural needs. Currently there is no price on the market for potatos ($3-$4 a barrel CAD), so why not let the farmers grow it, manufacture it, and create stuff from an endless supply. Jobs will abound, prices would drop, the earth and the individual would be happy, and money would be made to satisfy those with capitalist desires. Discuss.

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    It ain't gonna happen in my lifetime, though maybe in yours. 'Course I'm referring to my own part of the world here - Australia - where we've had tria; hemp plantations growing in Tasmania for lawd knows how long, probably just an excuse for empire-buildng within some Gov't department.

    Like hemp's an annual, so how many years would a trial take anyway? It's not psychoactive, you could smoke a sack of the stuff & all you'd get would be a headache - but the whole place is guarded like a weapons facility.

    Another thing - it takes some very specialised machinery to process the hemp fibres - but not a word's been said about that, that I've been able to find out anyway.

    Too many vested interests is what I'm thinking. Maybe they're waiting to cash in when the oil runs out. Would love to hear some other opinions on this subject.
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    most of you WW2 web gear was made from hemp,
    before plasitc ,an oil base product, even
    before WW2 hemp was used as a mane stay fiber
    it was in alote of stuff. but the cotten and oil ,
    groups saw that it was going to be big , so they
    had it killed and put plasitc fibers in # 1 slot
    so now where hemp was bio-de, and would with time,
    brake down, your plasitc fibers won,t.
    i'll post more as look thur my books.
  4. Bastet

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    It was used for so many things, even long before WW2. Banknotes, Bible paper,ship's rigging, ropes, clothing - like the original everlasting Levi jeans on the gold diggings - oil, fuel & much more besides.

    I never know the exact figures, but it goes something like this [I think] - i acre of hemp will produce as much paper pulp in 1 year, as is it 70 acres of pine forest will produce in , 16 years - or maybe it's 16 acres pine x 70 yrs.

    DuPont invented nylon fibre around the 1930's, & made sure hemp production bit the dust. That's what vested interests excel at.
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    I think they don't legalize hemp ( i dont think you can grow it here in the uk either), because of the profits companys would lose- hemp makes so many different things.

    its a shame really
  6. DontTreadOnMe

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    I thought it was legal to commerically grow it in the US? i duno

    but there are tons of great ligitimate uses for hemp from socks to sails on sail boats. unfourtnately like everything in the world its gona be abused somehow and some of thoes ways are in donttreadonme's post.
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    I question hemp as a worldsaving wonder fiber. I have had a shirt (itchy), some shoes (fell apart), and a couple other things made of hemp (soap, cereal, etc), and none of them are great, or even as good as my other comparable synthetic based products (except maybe cereal, I don't need synthetic cereal). I think synthetics are probably cheaper and more effective then hemp for most applications. That said, I support hemp and marijuana legalization. I am a regular recreational user. The effects it has had on me are generally considerably more minor than the effects alcohol has on me. Alcohol being the favored legal recreational drug for Americans, I see it as a fair comparison. I believe it should be an over the counter purchase, taxed and regulated by state and federal gov.
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    Rockwell , the only reason Synthetic products are superoir is that they have had pretty much a monopoly for a looong time. If time, money and effort went into Hemp it could easily match Plastic and it would be biodegradable to boot.
  10. I believe in medical uses, but I think that it will always be used. Stoners always say it does no damage. Just look at Chong. I have a friend who has smoked it for 10 years or more and he is slow and unmotivated.:puz:
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    Blame goes to the DuPonts they lobbied Congress to make it illegal. That is the main reason ,it would ruin there new synthetic market way back when!!!! Da Chronic!!!!!!!!!!!!!:ban:
  12. Gravare

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    you know, if they legalized it, the number of people using it for recreational uses(teenagers anyway) would probably decrease, at least a little bit, because many teenagers smoke it because of the thrill of "breaking the law" and getting away with it. if not, it would at least decrease the number of kids who want to try it.
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    We're talking hemp here not Marijuana...
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    The title of the thread is:
    "The Drug War vs. Marijuana/Hemp"

    They should use their resources to battle the other drugs. By not doing so they create more crime and get more people hooked on to other drugs. If the buyers could shop a place free from the other drugs. The reason it is not legalized at the moment is because of lobbying from the people who benefit from the ban.
  15. Bleys

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    Interesting discussion

    I think the next questions would then be - which should be legalized, which shouldn't and why?

    While I may find pot, peyote or coke relatively harmless, I may see meth, heroin or ecstacy as harmful - but would you? Do we allow everything that is natural and ban only those manufactured or synthetic drugs? Or do we require dealers to become licensed manufacturers and put them under the jurisdiction of the USDA?

    The devil is always in the details. So how would you go about deciding, ensuring public safety, yet still keeping the masses happy?

  16. Hellmutt

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    I think all Cannabis-related products should be legalized and taxed like other products. There would be major benefits, both economic and regarding the crimerate. It should be available where you buy medicine. It is alternative medicine = less pills required. The police would free lots of resources to battle other crime. I predict drug-abuse (not cannabis-related) would be much lower. And just think about all those ways we can use the hemp. Cloths, paper, etc.
  17. Bleys

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    The devil\'s advocate returns.

    How do we determine purity, or impurity? Will there be a standard that must be met? Will pharmacies be required to be bonded similar to tavern keepers? Will medicare cover it's purchase if used under a doctor's supervision?

    And what about other "natural" drugs like peyote - why aren't they legal?


    btw - not harassing you, just wanting to spark some discussion.
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    Hemp is legal to grow in canada

    Hemp is legal to grow in canada, and the U.S. is the only industilized country to not allow farmers to grow hemp. But on the other hand we can sell and buy hemp products in majority of the states. The battle for hemp has taken a positive side here in the U.S. in the last 10 years and there are many websites that will tell you and give you links about the battle to legalize hemp totally.
  19. pieman

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    in the interests of disscusion i'll have a go at addressing bleys questions

    How do we determine purity, or impurity?
    in regard to recriational use economics would take care of purity, people will pay a premium for good weed,sellers love to charge a premium,better weed all round.
    pharmacutically, as with all drugs concentration determines purity.

    Will there be a standard that must be met?
    the consumer would set the standard as above.

    Will pharmacies be required to be bonded similar to tavern keepers?
    canibus is legal in holand, there wasn't any difficulty in it's regulation as regard bonded pharmacies as they bonded cafes, after all if you don't go to a pharmacy for alcohol why go to a pharmacy for your canibus.

    Will medicare cover it's purchase if used under a doctor's supervision?
    if you want to use cannibinoids to treat desease surely you should purify them as is done with opiates.

    And what about other "natural" drugs like peyote - why aren't they legal?
    thats what i want to know,but why stop there, why are'nt all drugs legal, what gives anyone else the right to deside what i do with my body?

    other issues i'd like to address,

    dope makes you stupid,
    depends what base your starting from, if your stupid before you smoke dope, being stoned isn't gonna make you smarter.

    if it's legal more kids will have access to it,
    two questions,
    ever met a dealer that asked for ID?
    ever met a barman that didn't?

    and my spelling is a testament to my love of a good smoke.


    i love bananas
  20. midnight_sun

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    1. Isn't hemp and Marijuana two different things? (different species same family)
    2.Extended Marijuana use: Dosen't it effect short term memory?