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    Why do we dream?
    This intrigues me very much because a similar question can also be and that is “Why do we sleep?” There is so much mystery in life, this to me is one. Perhaps it’s a mystery to all of us, why we age to why we die and then to why we see images when we sleep.

    The mind shutdown and depending on how many hours your body need it will reload afterward. And before I get to the dream part I want to know HOW your body knows when to wake up. And what happen if it doesn’t wake up? Well you die of course… but what I want to know is what happens to the conscious when it doesn’t wake up. What triggers all this?

    Now to the dream part. What puzzle me is that sometime you dream and sometime you don’t or maybe you do but can’t remember? Sometime we dream of what we already know consciously, other time we dream about things we never know or thought of (subconscious?).

    What frighten most of us is that dream sometimes comes true! But what frighten me is that sometime two people have the same dream! And they’re both in the dream!

    Another thing is we usually dream about things we subconsciously worried about. IF you think too much about x, you will dream about it tonight. And last, most book, ideas, movie and poems… come from people dream.

    Night vs. Day
    There are night and day person, does it really make a different in term of what we dream? Do we dream more at night or day?

    This might seems a little twisted but imagine about it nonetheless. Some say that the world we’re living in is just an illusion, none of it is real. Then the opposite must be real then? Dream… some even go as far as to say that the only thing that is real, is our imagination, the rest is illusion.

    What really happen to the things that make us all unique, spirit/soul/consciousness? When we sleep? Do we leave our body and go off elsewhere? Some believe that our spirit leave our body and go elsewhere for a trip then return later.

    Things I find unusual about dream:
    1: Talking to someone in your dream, then it slip out into reality… someone was asking me a question in my dream then I answer it in reality, then my eyes opens while I was talking. The talk end as soon I realize I was talking to no one.

    2: Tear escape dream into reality. Sometime you cry in your dream very heavily, then when you wake up your eyes are wet with tears.

    3: Assume that you live with someone next door. They’re cooking let’s say lobster while you’re sleeping, in your dream you see lobsters.

    4: Dream feels real! If you dream of kissing someone it’s as real as kissing the person in real life!

    5: Dream fade, from one scene into the next and you aren’t aware of it while you’re sleeping, only when you wake up and think about it.

    6: It tells a fantasy story. And you’re always the hero in your dream.

    7: You can control your dream if you’re aware that you’re dreaming. OR is it all just a dream in itself?

    What do you find unusual about dream? What’s the most common dream you have? What do you know about this dream phenomenon
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    You know when you have a dream bout falling and then when you wake up you feel like you have fallen into bed?
    Dreams are pathways to you dreams (as in what you wish for).
    Dreams and dreams collide and you don't know why but suddenly you see something you know it will happen you are screaming for help and then

    it ends and you wake up and it is over and nothing will be right again except it is, IT IS!

    And that is the basics of some dreams......
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    Have you ever had that happen when you are in bed and awake, but you fell like you're falling anyway?
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    yes i've had that a lot and it's unsettling, (i've had it more recently because of my exams) I lye down and try to sleep then get this gut feeling that i'm falling.

    - Ice -
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    Has anyone ever had a dream in which you're aware that you're dreaming. I have, and find them quite unnerving as I try to wake myself up but cannot. I try to move myself but am paralysed, and canot shout or even make a noise. It's really weird, but after a while I finally manage to wake myself.

    I've also had dreams where i can see myself sleeping, and tried to wake my sleeping self up.

    I've heard that if this happens to you, you can learn to controll your dreams, but I've never attempted this as I've never liked the feeling of knowing i'm asleep but not being able to wake myself up anyway!

    Has anyone else had experiences like these?

    *~*~* LoveForTheArts *~*~*
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    I think dreams are the conduit to the subconcious. Dreams are a vessel for your shadowed, radical intellect to connect with its more easily-interpreted part of itself.
  7. Kalibur

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    Yes -- I have these dreams very often. It's definitely odd but a few years ago I started semi-controlling my dreams. What happens is in the middle of my dream, I do realize I'm dreaming and that gives me a power -- kind of like a free thinking. I'll watch my dream and when I think something is going to happen: it does. I've never controled the intiation of a dream, only after I become aware of myself -- when the free thinking kicks in -- can I begin to control. The most impressive feat I accomplished personally in the dream world was a complete change in setting, even though it was the same dream continued. Anyone else experience anything similar????
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  9. Bleys

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    Unusual? - has to be that I am almost always aware that I am dreaming. I love that feeling of awareness yet there is a complete inability (at least on my part) to change my inherent nature. I react the same in my dreams as I do in life.

    Another unusual aspect is I can always tell when I'm going to have really interesting dreams. That falling feeling that some get before going to sleep - mine is slightly different, more of a sensation of being in free fall and turning over and over.

    Most common dream? - *censored* ;)

  10. xu

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    that falling sensation just happens when you are in the transition zone from being awake to asleep. I think it is similar to what you feel when you are dying.

    also at some point when in this transition zone you start to hear the sounds very loud.
  11. chino180sx

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    well dreaming is sleeping which you loose consciousness

    i beleive its the third eye working... you get to have a sneak peak on whats going on in your life, hints to make it better and to solve problems... i also beleive when you wake up from a dream that you want to remember cos you want to tell someon about it you rmember it for a second but you can feel a certain part getting ripped out of your memory then you want to rmember this but what happened here.. where was i... and soon as you grab something and its totally all there in your head it gets taken away and your left with usually #@!&% that doesnt mean anything to you.. i think dreams are very spiritual things that your not meant to see
  12. junior_smith

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    read the scientific americn mind this month or wahtever gret article on dreams. they eiether help us forget information or help us remeber the informationw e just learnt
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    I don't know much on the subject of dreaming or on the meaning of dreams, but I do know that it is very rare that I remember my dreams. This brings about the question, "Did I even dream at all?" Like Junior_Smith said, "They either help us forget information or help us remember the information we just learned." If I in fact do not dream, then could that be the reason for my terrible memory, the reason why i simply am not able to retain certain information?
  14. chino180sx

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    i disagree, noway, retain or forget information???
    same dreams you do grasp bits and peices from are not things you want to remember or forget...
  15. junior_smith

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    yeah part of the mystery is tht people who dont dream dont have any change. so i really dont know i dont htink anyone does.

    but hwy do we sleep? is it so we can dream?
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    i get that falling sensation when i sleep during the day but it always jolts me awake, but a really strange one for me is when i nap, you know when you have those dreams where outside noise becomes part of the dream, well occasionly i wake up ,but my brain is still half dreaming and the world takes on a surreal quality for the rest of the day.

    i also somtimes get a floating/drifting kind of sensation as i fall asleep,that seems to bring on fantastical dreams that are really vivid.