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Discussion in 'Politics & Government' started by Young William, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. Young William

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    Yes we've all heard about the Borgoise and Proleteriat. Marx and many others before and after him, cursed and, I'm assuming later calmed down enough to realize their own making.
    I love the term "talent," it's so wonderful! So assuring, but I wonder? In the systematic redundancy of today's productive measuring, are we all counted by numbers, status, heart, or dollar signs?
    Not to become too political, but anyone with a heartbeat can see that the Mexican infiltrates are doing the "low-end" work.............wages are then progressively compromised and in a sense the 1800's ring again?
  2. bodebliss

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    No actually we are all being measured by ability to save as opposed to what we spend or what a forefather managed to save as opposed to spend.
  3. Young William

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    I assume that you're talking about currency? I was referring to the "Big Machine." Dollar signs change too, but can we expect to keep living in this manner? Obviously, the U.S. economy is very unique, but money is not.
    China is quietly waiting, for what, I'm not sure, but this I can say, tradition binds the worst of times to the best. Are we honestly ready to forget the 'blue-collar" lifestyle so prevalent in the creation of the American rise? Well, that another socialism vs. capitalism debate, ....but I really appreciate the input I recieve!
  4. bodebliss

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    young william ,

    It matters not all , but our abillity to save .

    Biological savings netted the human race.

    laws that allowed savings of various kinds netted innovative furtherance(our scientific prowess which is the envy of Earth),the accumulation of wealth, the accumulation of biodiversity, whatever.

    Everytime they think we are beat, we prove them wrong. How? The savings are deep. Not like in the past, when savings were only of the financial sort. They are wide ranged. You could go down a long list of savings the freedom loving countries of the world have piled up.It's not only about money.
  5. junior_smith

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    so your saying bodebliss, that the mexican low end worker is supposed to be saving as much as the hotel heiress? or even the educated middle class worker?

    because thats not right bodebliss
  6. overrocked

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    Why save when the inflation will eat it up? How can Americans save, when the average person has a $5,000 balance in credit cards?
    Inflation is here, no matter how the Feds cook the books. (The Dollar is already down in value 30% or more)
  7. Ritual

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    Who cares what the worldwide value of the US dollar is.

    It means nothing. The US has everything it needs, it can live without worldwide trade.

    And I think all of the economic analyst morons fail to realize that it is foreign governments that determine the value of the US dollar. The UK can say that the US dollar is only worth half a pound if they want.

    Wether or not the US accepts that is a whole another thing. We are probably leinant because it doesnt matter to us other countries try to weasel more money from the US.

    The UK for example was alot worse off 10 years ago then it is today. If they British pound is worth 30% more for example, it is just a show of good faith by the US to try and help the UK. We only allow the UK pound to be worth more because they havent weaseled enough out of us that we say enough is enough.
  8. helenheaven

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    Oil ?
  9. helenheaven

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    The trading value of currrency is not an arbitary amount set by governments. It is a complex formula based upon a large number of factors such as interest rates. Often the value of the US $ has little to do with the US but instead with the individual country's economic performance.
  10. bodebliss

    bodebliss The Zoc-La of Kromm-B Premium Member

    Let's say chinese achieve the same level of production as the US, but to do it they pollute their country to unlivable.

    Well, we will be better off cause we have saved and china is unlivable. We are the wealthiest country by any gage. Even though we don't have universal health care we have very good health care because of the innovations we create here.

    Alot of countries have political situation that are not able to foster growth, but we have maintained an environment that is able to foster growth the longest so we are wealthy. Every middle-income kid in America has more in his closet gathering dust than whole families have in third world countries.

    We have things that are of value that we don't want , but can't give away cause everyone you know is in the same boat. Old TVs , radios, phones, cars, furniture, eyewear,coats,etc just pile up as we are off the next best thing to own. We eat half the food on our plates and claim we've lost interest or wanted something else. I remember running 5 miles every morning the 4 months out of every year I was in from the field while in the Army. At that time, my metabolism was so high I was eating 2 trays filled with food at every meal and scouting out the open after-hours mess halls cause I was literally starving. During that time I could not put on an ounce of fat. While eating over 6000 calories a day.The overweight people you see around you these days are not the problem they are just an outward sign of our non-vital mental gluttany. Having more is not akin to happiness. This possibly is why young couples are so happy they have fewer things to get in the way of it. TV talks about more this and more that leading folks to believe they lack something. They're probably deluded.
  11. bodebliss

    bodebliss The Zoc-La of Kromm-B Premium Member

    Oil ?

    well we could have all the energy we want if they would build more coal and nuke plants, and they will.
  12. helenheaven

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    I would have to disagree with that statement on several levels. Just going by income per head of capita 3 other nations earnn more...

    source: http://www.finfacts.com/biz10/globalworldincomepercapita.htm

    USA might be an overall wealthy country but the levels of poverty are appalling, do billionaires such as Bill Gates skew your statistics ?
  13. bodebliss

    bodebliss The Zoc-La of Kromm-B Premium Member

    I have no credit card balances . only my house is debt and I buy everything w/ cash and I am not a millionare.
  14. helenheaven

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    My point was that the USA could not survive without world wide trade.
  15. bodebliss

    bodebliss The Zoc-La of Kromm-B Premium Member

    "USA might be an overall wealthy country but the levels of poverty are appalling, do billionaires such as Bill Gates skew your statistics ? "

    You might have apoint there.

    On the otherhand, alot of people are swept up in the consumerism of our age.I've seen people do quite well by saving $100/week( even on small incomes). There was a case of a woman who left $9 million dollars to a woman's college in NYC on a secretary's salary and common sense investing. They have written books about her.
  16. bodebliss

    bodebliss The Zoc-La of Kromm-B Premium Member

    We are not actually trading w/ the world right now. What we are doing is moving the work and investment and pollution out and repatriating the produce.

    At this point we are only trading among ourselves , and the mins look on enviously. If it weren't for US consumerism the world economy would collapse.
  17. helenheaven

    helenheaven Premium Member

    Which mins are you referring to ? The USA actually imports a lot , oil obviously, but also software, hardware, medical innovations and so forth that have been developed by other nations, not out sourced so to speak.
  18. bodebliss

    bodebliss The Zoc-La of Kromm-B Premium Member

    Actually those innovations were created by our research universities w/ government $$ and sold or given away or stolen by foreign countries.This is well known . They have had hearings on this on capital hill. This is a problem in the rest of the world . They for the most part have systems that are anti-innovation, so they wait for ideas to fall from the American tree.They have semenars about: "Why can't the rest of the world be innovative?"
  19. bodebliss

    bodebliss The Zoc-La of Kromm-B Premium Member

    The "mins"(mins=minions) to which I refered are great masses of poverty stricken populations around the world.

    I tell you when they come here they don't want to work 60-70 hours a week.In latin america they call our way of life "The Grind"
  20. Icewolf

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    not to be too political and this is by no means anything against you ritual but 10 years ago the uk was still recovering after the reign of margaret thatcher (shudder) the prime minister who in my opinion destroyed the british economy, just to clear that issue. The UK economy is doing great Tesco made 2 billion £, (4 billion $) over the last financial year which is not bad for a high street store.

    I think the british ahve invested alot of research and supplied it to you, maybe like erm. penicilin?