Astronomy The Constellations: Amdromeda, Aquarius, Aquilia, Aries, and Auriga

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    When refering to stars in this constelation they go by the name (Greek symbol) Andromedae. Ex the star Beta Andromeade
    The popular names for this constellation are: "The chained maiden" and "Daughter of Cepheus," because in mythology it repesents the princess Andromeda, the daughter of Cephus and Cassiopeia. Following pronucments of an oracle Andromeda was chained to a rock on the sea shore for the sea monster Cetus to eat her as a sacrifice. She was rescued by Persus who was the slayer of the Gorgons. Persus was on his way beack from killing Medusa when he spyed Andromeda about to be devoured by Cetus. Persus saved Andromeda. The consteltaions of Persus and Casseopia border andromeda and are set in this way for mythological reasons stated above. In the constelation of Persus the star ALGOL is a variable star of red color that changes brightmess perodically. THis is portrayed as the eye of MEdusa winking at you, but more on Persus when we get to the P's. ( If I ever get there)
    Aquarius - The water carrier

    Stars in this consteltaion are referd to as Aquarii ex Alpha Aquarii

    Aquarius is one of the ancient zoidical consteltations. The constelation repesents a water bearer pouring watter out onto the heavens. The consteltion becomes visible right before the rainiy season in the middle east and has been assoiated with life giving water in ancient times. It has figured in much ancient mythology, includeing a Sumerian myth of a global deluge that is thought to be the antecedent to the biblical flood story. The constelllation also is suppsoed to represent Ganymede, who was carried off by Zeus, and became the cup bearer of the gods.

    Aquila- the eagle

    Stars in this constelation are referd to as Aquilae ex. Pi Aquilae

    Aquilia is another ancient constelation that hs been refered to as "The Bird" seince around 1200 B.C. . It is also involved in Greek mythology. It is portrayed as the bird to hold the thunderbolts of Zeus . It is said that Aquila the eagle come and picked up the cup bearer Ganymede and carried him off to Mount Olympus.
    Aries - the Ram

    Stars in this constelation are refered to as Arietis ex Omega Arietis

    In mythology Aires repesents the ram whose flece later became the golden fleece sought after by Jason and the Argonauts. Aries is the second smallest of the Zoidical constellations. Its tales and area in the sky are dated back to about the beginings of recorded history.
    Auriga- the charioteer

    Stars in this constelation are referd to as Aurigae ex sigma aurigae

    Augria is another of the ancient constellations and is one of the oldest among them. It is associated with Greek mythology as the ledgendary king of Athens, Erichthonius, the lame inventor of the chariot. He is usually portrayed as a goathearder or holding a kid ( baby goat). The comming of this constellation was thought to be the heralds of stormy winds and bad weather.

    Enjoy, There is always a stroy about everything in the sky.