Metaphysics The Art Of Seeing Without Sight

Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by tablet, Feb 5, 2005.

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    There's a very famous story about a girl who can't see or hear. I forgot the girl name but I read about this story in highschool. My thought on it is that abit of sight when you were a child really help in seeing. This little girl didn't borned blind. She entered this world with sight then suddenly her sight and sense of hearing vanished. For this artist here, I find it hard to imagine that he can picture a bird in his mind without ever seeing one? I doubt that this is even possible. Unless there's some way he can translate "real" into his mind. I've not heard a story about a child that entered this world BLIND, with no opportunity, not even 1 second of sight AND are able to see things in their head. I believe this artist have seen things when he was a baby unconsciously BEFORE he went blind and never sees again.

    “He paints houses and mountains and lakes and faces and butterflies, but he's never seen any of these things”
    I was planning to revisit the Freewill thread, this is a good kick-start.

    By the way, visit the source to read the full story, it's an interesting one (I don't want to quote the whole thing, it's long). And here are some of his works: Esref Armagan

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    Its actually very easy for a person that is blind to develop images inside their head. Much like fantasy or a much better example, when we read books we develop a sense of images of whats going on, the picture is painted in our minds by the words describing the scene. But with him, not only does he have someone or a braille book describing the picture, but sounds. Yes he may be blind but sounds also become very acute. Ray Charles had an acute sense of sound and wrote awesome songs. Look at Mozart, not blind, but deaf and wrote some of the most beautiful songs ever written.

    To draw the image or paint it, is very extraordinary, to be able to feel the canvas and apply oils and paints to display an image in your mind and do it precisely as if he had his eyesight. He was given a gift and used it to express the abilities of the handicapped. I applaud him!
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    Wow these paintings were amazing.
    I can imagion he has built up an image of something from disciptions and his other sences.
    He painted a watermellon.
    He's felt one to know it is round and smooth and soft in the middle with pits.
    He has heard that it is green with yellow strips, the flesh is red with black pits.
    He knows where the colours with these names are on his pallet.
    Association comes from naming, I know the colour red because that is the name I was taught to describe it. I also know it as rood and rouge.
    There are many names in many languages for red.
    But I have the image of red because I have seen it.
    I wonder, what are the colours in his minds image?
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    the pic of Bill Clinton was amazing!

    I have had sighted people attempt to draw houses from descriptions given to them by other people that don't even resemble a house!

    WOW, amazing stuff!
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    Maby our sight isn't what fully recognizes things could it be possible that everything leaves like a mental note or essence? Like a sixth sense? eeewwww what if you could strengthen it? You could be with a blindfold and ear plugs while riding a bike. Like daredevil! (terrible movie)
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    Tablet, that's why I finally chose Psychology. Great post and remember, we are highly adaptable creatures, capable of...............
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    Blindness is not a handicap. It doesn't stop people from exercising any of their abilities. Take Andrea Bocelli: he is blind but he sings like an angel (and I would know):lol: