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  1. pineappleupsidedown

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    Young Williams post reminded me of something we did in english class.

    What is the American Dream?

    It is used so often but everyone has a different conantaion with it.

    What do you think it means?
    (Please provide a bit of info about yourself as well. American, Non-American, American-Immigrant, etc)

  2. Icewolf

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    A chicken in ever pot, a car in every garage, (or whatever)
  3. Young William

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    You're partially correct Icewolf, however, as you probably know, it's one thing to hypothesize, and quite another to experience.....

    Responding the intial post, my own background is of European descent, German, Scottish, Italian, and Polish, an American mutt, basically. I grew up in the snowstorms of the Rust-belt city of Buffalo, NY, quickly joining the AF to get out and experience "something else".

    My version of the American dream stems from the cold and mist-filled day that JFK gave his inauguration speech in the face of a Cold War. The "Ask not what your Country can do".... line seems to define his delivered message, however Teddy Sorenson, was after much more than that.

    The concept of a "New Frontier" spoke to all, as everyone seemingly was "involved."

    I'd like to think that the "American dream" would guide anybody into a new frontier, and then comes capitalism.......

    My own personal American dream, is to live and work in the beautiful metropolis of Seattle-Tacoma. I'm currently engaged in a very difficult endeavor, ...obtaining a Masters' degree in Psychological Counseling from the Graduate College of Hampton University, a fine institute, but from a social standpoint, one in which I'm considered a minority........
  4. Ikebana

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    It used to be freedom to make choices without fear of prejudice or backlash. These day...not so much :no:
  5. mscbkc070904

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    I thought about this for a moment...Americans that are born and know what freedoms they have since birth. Most Americans are spoiled rich, I too am an American, btw. The American Dream really is seen better in the eyes of refugees and those who leave their home country to live in ours. Cause they live a different lifestyle, mostly coming from nothing and building everything from there on up. I had a female roommate the last 2 yrs I was in the Corps, who was a Marine as well and she came from El Salvador when she was 13, she moved, well actually fled the country with her family cause the rebels were destroying everything...they ended up in Texas with a suitcase each of their clothes and about 50 bucks. Now she is a successful in the Corps and has purchased several porperties to rent out that her Mom and Dad run/manage. Thats an American Dream, cause they would have never had any of that had they not fled and chose America. I asked her once if they had stayed where would they be now....answer: Dead, slavery or pimped out sweatshops/factories or prostitution, but most likely dead.
  6. bodebliss

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    4 guns and a pony, isn't it?