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  1. Cinderloft

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    First of all, a big thank you to JC for the Archeology/History forum. This is indeed a victory for all denyers of ignorance. It is important as truth seekers and students alike to know where we come from, and how we got here. This is why the addition of this forum is so important. I look forward to helping that forum along, as well as all contributions as they come by.

    I also have a question related to a different forum, the technology forum. I think anyone with significant technological background in computers, both hardware and software, get together and form a sub forum within the technology one. We can work on user related problems, as well as our own ones, act as guru support, answer questions, come up with ideas of how to organize and run the tech forum, etc. I know that most people on here have lots of technological experience, so lets put our practical knowledge to use.

    Just my $0.02 for the evening. :)

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  2. ilovepizza

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    Cinderloft the number one rule about becoming a mod is DO NOT ASK TO BECOME ONE. Unless they hold an open mod call like they did on ATS. I have no idea why a good contributing member who wants to help out with the board should not be allowed to ask to become a mod. I think it shows this person really wants to help out with the board and really wants to be a mod.
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    We had several people interested. We all Capts like the idea alot. It really was soemthing that we were missing. Now the sciences is fully complete.

    BTW: Anyone have a Research project? We will be opening the research forum soon. There will be NO CREATING of projects, except for the admins. But, if you guys have any ideas, let us know. These will be for serious research with a specific goal in mind. This will be great for everyone to work together. You will have to have a project and Team managers depending on the project size. Other members can assist anywhere they like. They would just have to contact the project managers. Lets get some good one started! ;)