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    Sean Carroll of the University of Chicago wrote a great article about testing general relativity and different gravity theories here. A quote from the article:

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    Satellite to test

    Here is a link to an interesting article on how Stanford is testing the TOR , and the "drag" that spacetime may create around a spinning body (earth) by releasing pecision spinning orbs in the weightlesness of space . Give it a read !

    I think Einstein won't be disproved as much as expanded on by future observations . His observations are to precise for the large celestial bodies , the phenomena of light , and the recently measured curvature of space( results still under scrutiny) to be completely disproved , but "adjusted" perhaps

    Newton expanded on the observations of Gallileo , Einstein expanded on the observations of Newton , and someone will certainly expand upon the observations of Einstein to join TOR (theory of relativity) with QED ( quantum electro dynamics ) into string or "M" theory .

    Science has and always be updated to adjust for new phenomena that have never been observed . Some theories work for 99% of the observations , but need to be tweaked a bit rather than disproved .

    The TOR by Einstein and the QED theory of Richard Feynman are the two theories that need to be combined . They are equally descriptive of their individual subjects(although there has been no observed need to tweak Feynmans work) but at opposite ends of the physics spectrum .

    I think Einstein may have his theory "tweaked " to help prove the TOE (theory of everything) , and he spent his final years trying to do just this . He unfortunately was old school in his approach (set in his ways if you will...) and paid little mind to QED . Had he been more receptive of the idea , and had a bit more time ......

    edit : a note on Feynman : A truley wonderful individual who's theory of QED is taught as a standard presently was one of the most delightful quirky physisists I have ever read about . His lifes little stories are well worth the read as well as his technical work if you are challenged eneough . I have read 6 of his personal experience books and was extremely entertained by this great man . Here's a link Richard Feynman - Scientist. Teacher. Raconteur. Musician