Technology Television: how much is too much?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by mscbkc070904, Mar 25, 2005.

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    Just had a thread on zombie PC's and now the operator is the zombie, but its true we tend it seperate ourselves from the reality of the world, due to technological advances, we are consumed with the info, pleasure and satisfaction that TV, the Net, Game programs give us. Our social skills and abilities become increasingly hampered by this. Even kids today, liek back a few yrs ago I was shocked on why high school students had cell phones, it was bad enough that even when I was in high school, I tied up the house phone. Now its like kids at 13-14 are consumed with being on the phone, net, and so forth. But this isnt just the childs fault its the parents as well.

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    I never understand why students bring cell phone to school. And about TV, I think more people are watching TV on their computer (I think... cause I don't watch TV) than the actual one in their living room.

    Mizar already mentioned alot of time: Balance, without it we are corrupted and slave to whatever that interest us.
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    I am glad these issues come out and we sort of chat about them here, opens your mind more to what is happening. I know when and if I have kids again, I want them to not be consumed with technology so much, get them back into reading a book, interacting with other kids, family time, board games, interact socially at functions and events, limit PC time, place restrictions on things so that it doesnt happen and they learn the basic fundamentals of life.

    I mean think about it alot of kids, teens, even adults, wouldnt know what to do if all of a sudden the tech world collasped and disintegrated. IOW all of a sudden slid back to 40-60 yrs ago. I think half of them would be standing there going DUH, or looking lost or stressing out cause they dont know what to do.

    It reminded me my time in the Corps, we use to do everything by hand before PC's were taking over. When I worked the logistics field, alot of it was done by using your mind and physical nature to inventory, measure, etc for loads, equipment procurement. Well when I started getting the new crops in of Marines right out of school, the schoolhouse was teaching the tech versions, yes gave them the old fundamentals of doing it, but they absorbed the tech part.

    Well, one week we were preparing for an inspection and I kept telling them to update the system each time you move, add, take out, destroy, what have you of the equipment. Well, long and behold they were not doing that. SO I walked over, unplugged the computers put them in a bin, wheeled them into a storage room and said, there ya go! Want to do it the easy way and cut corners, well, cant cut them now, we are going back to basics, everything is done by hand, time consuming, but thats the price. All of a sudden their facs went blank, they were lost and I took out the orders on how to do this by hand and told them to learn.

    End result was, they appreciated the technology, but they learned how to do the basics, cause not all the time will you go to the field and there will be a power strip to plug in. It was very good lesson learned and the same thing can be applied here. Dont let tech succomb you. Learn to walk away, do other things, its not hard. Heck even a playing a sport can make all the difference.
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    Another thing I thought about just now, everyone is taught this sometime in school, how many people can actually still know how to use the dewey decimal system in the library, WITHOUT the assistance of a computer?
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    Lol,.. I didnt know it was ON computer. Maybe in my case it needs to be the other way around. :lol: Seriously, I have never actually used the computer to find any book in our public library. Yes they do have them of course, but for the most part I have a good idea where to find particular subjects as needed.

    Anyone take a 'break' from tv before? I mean completely? I have and it provides some unique insights to myself, that I couldnt see before then. (and am real close to completely shutting it off again for an extended period)