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Discussion in 'ID Members Lounge' started by aniki89a, Dec 30, 2004.

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    There was a movie about the government using teleportation during WW2 or some time around there. A ship on the west coast was teleported to Philadelphia perfectly intact. Yet the crew, most of them were buried in the deck or the hull and those who were not and survived it were completely insane. Does anybody know the name of this movie or of any documentation about this if it is true?
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    I moved this from General Denial to the Lounge, because General Denial is for staff anouncments.

    I havent heard anything about that movie, I'm sorry. Welcome to ID!

  3. oddtodd

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    It was called the Philledelphia Experiment , Lots of theories on it over at ATS . Basically a ship was outfited with electronics to make it invisible.... What really happened is up for speculation .
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    yeah I'm With DLM on this one seems for like an ATS thing than for here, but you could do something like a 'is it possible, teleportation' thing in physics or something, but try to keep the speculative stuff to ATS
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    This is sorta like saying they had machine guns back at the battle of Marathon, Not likely.
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    i gotta see this sounds nice, lol
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    Odd todd had it. What you are refering to is the Philidalpha experiment. What happened was they took a small naval cruiser and outfitted it with large electromagnets. Suppsoably when the electromaglents wer turned on a green fog envloped the ship. When it had cleared the ship had been teleported to another harbor some miles away. When the ship came back to the phili harbor some of the sailors were fused to the ship and some from teh waist up.

    They said that many things we believe would happen to a person if they acclerated faster than light happened to them. The documents are classified and the truth behind the experiment is yet to be known. If you would like to speak about the physics of teleportation we can move this thread to physics. If you wish to talk about the experiment go to ATS and resurect an old thread about the subject.