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Discussion in 'Technology' started by kiwirobin, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. kiwirobin

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    In this age of multimedia, msn, sms, mms more and more people are communicating and meeting with eachother without seeing eachother.
    The benifits are obvious, the world is getting smaller and information is free to be shared.
    But what are the negitave effects.
    The youth of today communicate, play and interact in this virtual world.
    They miss learning valuable interaction skills.
    Illness due to lack of physical activity.
    I mean dang their thumbs are deforming from all that messaging.
    Is the world getting smaller but the distance between us greater?
  2. mscbkc070904

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    The youth of today still needs to be taught, and in for which they are, about physical education. Yes the world is getting a tad bit smaller, but from where we stand the infotech is at our fingertips, but for many regions of the world tech hasnt even begun to evolve yet.

    Its our reponsibility as adults, parents, educators, etc., to educate our youth that thrive on info, social, physical activities of the virtual world into an actual reality. Yes, its conveint to obtain info via cyberspace, chat with each other and interact as well.

    But to sit down and read a book, to play a game, to go out and participate in a sport is something we should do to our kids, bring them out of their rooms, bring them out of the house and interact, let them know what life offers rather than what the virtual world offers.
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    discussions like this remind me of what it must have been like when people got the telephone....that was regarded as a great social inhibitor rather than visit

    then came the television...
  4. mscbkc070904

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    I had that conversation about TV with my grandparents not too long ago. It was fasicnating to hear how it changed the way they saw the world. The entertainment of it all. My grandmother talked about how heavy the TV was, wieghed like 125lbs with a 7" screen.

    Much like technology today, its constantly changing and those in the tech world are hungry for it. Its just a matter of time before we seclude ourselves from reality. Some of this reminds me of the movie Demolition Man, with Stallone and Snipes, where Bullock and Stallone had sex thru virtual reality. Makes you think.
  5. kiwirobin

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    This is so true.
    And I am sure the majority of people that take the time to deny ignorance and that use technology to visit sites such as this are aware enough to teach their children to also use technology responcibly. To enjoy a balanced life full of nature, art, music and real people.

    But I work with kids who's parents obviously didn't invest the time and energy. I work with kids who's only pastime is behind the PS2 and virtual contact. Their social interaction skills are so limited because of this to the point where they can't even look you in the face while talking.
    The only refference they have of the 'real' world is from t.v and when I took some for a trip to the bush they were so bored because it wasn't stimulating enough in comparison to all the enhanced realities they have been exposed to.

    I don't know who wrote this but it sort of sums up what I mean.

    "The truth is no longer stimulating enough and beauty almost not possible if it is not a lie."
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    Just another age I believe. Communication is vital, remeber the two telegraphed messages sent during the Cuban Missile Crisis?