News @ ID Taser Sales To Public Worry Officers

Discussion in 'News @ ID' started by Icewolf, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. Icewolf

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    Would this stop death by guns, if we used non deadly force to incapacitate our attackers or would it give muggers a huge advantage. Personnaly I can't decide.
  2. oddtodd

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    Tasers are a good way to contain violent suspects that are not brandishing weapons IMO . Certainly better than a warning shot to the head !

    I think people seem to forget that when you are commiting a crime or endangering the lives of those around you , that your rights have been forfieted ,

    There are of course many examples of police filling a suspect full of bullets and the fact that authority is misused in certain cases , but only one taser death reported that I am aware of ....

    You raise a good point though as far as criminals using this type of device . What if I wasn't heck bent on being violent and wanted to just knock you out and take your valubles ?

    A kinder gentler mugger ?

    This makes me think of Nobel , the father of dynamite and that he thought if everyone was equally armed then it would reduce wars . Nice sentiment , but someone will always reinvent a better killing tool once they all have all the same ingredients .

    I personally took a 100,000 volt zapper and tried it on myself and it hurt like a sunovagun ! I then chased a roomate out of the house with it just for fun ! Definitely would have scared off a mugger if it was jabbed into his neck , but I tried it on my fleshy backside . It was like sitting on a nail (which I have done mistakenly)

    Not the same as a taser , but if everyone has the same weapons , then the element of surprise is anyones only chance at making use of them .

    Tasers are not AS lethal as guns , but can cause heart failur for sensitive folks , but if these "sensitive folks" are trying to rob you , then you are defending yourself with a better possibility for them to survive and face punishment than the above mentioned warning shot to the head .

    I would get one of these before I bought a gun for sure .
  3. Young William

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    It depends on when and where they're utilized. Cardiac arrest is a concern being blown up by the media, however, these tools will improve with time and hopefully become commonplace in law enforcement.
  4. Icewolf

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    I'd be happy having the police armed with them, but certainly not the public,

    I thought i would never bring this up but over here i Scotland it's unheard of for anyone to own a gun and, guess what, there's hardly any gun death over here, what a coincedence. So as i see it if we don't let the public have lethal weapons then there's less chance of anything lethal happening.