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    I cant remember where I saw this on TV, it was some time back, cant remember if it was a urban legend or true, but this girl died the day before her wedding. When they did the autopsy, her insides were mush. They concluded that she had been going to the tanning bed so much, that the radiation melted her internal organs causing her to die.

    Anyone here about this or know?
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    :pbjtime: Success!

    From snopes -

    Quite a nasty little urban legend at that.

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    There is a great program on Discovery called mythbuster.
    Two speacial effects guys try to replicate the results of urban ledgions.
    Really hillarious, and even when they don't get the results and prove the myth wrong they keep going till they achieve the result by other means, mostly with explosives.
    They addressed this myth by placing two chickens ( died of natural causes) into a sun bed for multiple treatments.
    The result was that the flesh was not cooked...Myth busted.
    Sunbeds put out light rays not microwaves, the worst that can happened is a very bad sunburn and I imagion after much exposiore a risk of skin cancer.
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    To my knowledge, there has been no reported cases of skin cancer caused by tanning beds. If I am not correct, if you dont over do it, tanning beds are safe in comparison to going out in the sun and getting burnt repeatedly. If I wrong about this, please do correct me.