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Discussion in 'Puzzles & Games' started by Mevans, Dec 27, 2004.

  1. Mevans

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    I am a BIG board game fan. Unfortuneatly I am getting older, and my oppurtunity to play them is getting more and more narrow.

    Now, monopoly, clue, and other games like that are ok, but I really like tactical war strategy games.

    Risk, and all of the Axis and Allies games...(besides pacific assault because I havent yet played it but I know I would love it!). I have a few games such as Gettysburg, from 1977. It is an avalon hill game with many peices. I have a game called battle cry. I have civilization the board game (not one of my favorites...but cool to look at) I like the strategy. I like the little army peices. I just really like those types of games.

    I swear to you, and you will think I am weird, that I play them by myself sometimes. I try different tactics and such just to see what possible outcomes could occur.

    I am truly a geek. Anyone else like these types of games?
  2. Mizar

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    I love Risk. I'm perty good at it too. When I play with my freinds I always end up geting really big and stage a verry large assualt on one of them. Then I control more than half the board. They realize I'm a threat and the other 3 gang up on me. Oh well then I loose. But I love the game. I don't think your weird for playing games like that solo. I do it too with Risk. Especailly with some of the crazy boards they have come out with. I invent some sort of plot and then do the dice rolls for them and me and try to make the most logical decisions as to what to do. It's not odd for people who like games like that to make personal campaigns. I like the computer games too. Have you ever played any of the "Total War"games. Its alot like the RIsk gam. You have aboard and you build and army etc.. and teh different games are in different areas they have Shogun which is japan, they have rome and meidevil and a few other. BUt the cool thing is besides it being like a virtual board game is that if you want to personally control the battles you can. ANd then its cool.
  3. Mevans

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    I do like computer games like that, but for whatever reason, I always prefer to play the board game. Even though I have to set the whole pain in the butt up everytime. Have you ever played axis and allies? Its good. It is like risk to an extent, but way more in depth. You have to manage money and invent stuff too. And if for instance, you would like to go from one country to the next. You have to use transport ships. In any case, if you havent tried it yet, you should. If your not up for the grand scale game. Axis and Allies D-Day is a cool game too. Its quicker and easier than regular axis and allies.

    Now, they did just come out with "Doom, the board game" this month. That isn't exactly war stategy, but it looks good to me. Google it and see for yourself.
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    HAHAHA Well, I just wanted to apologize for using a bad word. It started with a b though, not an a. So I thought it would be ok. My apologies.
  5. pineappleupsidedown

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    I like risk and the comp game age of empires.

    for risk, i just chill in Australia until i can TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

  6. Mevans

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    One of the Australia dwellers. I know how that scheme works. Only one way in, so you make a bottle neck and hold them off untill you get your reinforcements. Then you blast out of there. That only works if you get there first though!

    You know they have a board game out for Age of the Empires? I never played it, but I heard it is a lot like another game I have. Which is a pretty tough one, and if everyone isn't into games like that, it isn't all that fun. (I played it twice, once partway through with 3 other buddies, and once by myself all the way through). Its fun by myself because I learn the game inside and out, but it would be much better with other people. And the reality of some situations is that games like this often have negotiations as part of them. I can't really negotiate with myself.

    Anyhow, me and you pineapple.....that way you can watch me TAKE OVER THE WORLD! HAHAHAHA
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    hmm..Risk sounds good, I should see it..is Risk II better?
    I like stratagy like Age of Empires: Age of kings, Cesar 3, Pharaoh, Civilization III, Red Alert 2..stuff in which you can either build, kill, think, or all 3 lol. A board game with stratagies, etc is chess. I love chess, been playing it since i was 6
  8. Mevans

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    Risk is actually very good. It is very easy to learn and play. The game doesn't go on too long, and it gives you that tactical strategy feel. It mixes luck and strategy just enough so that even beginners would feel comfortable playing it. It also allows for skill players to win consistently....with occasional defeats. Its also cost effective!

    Risk 2 I believe is stricly for PC. It has something to do with Napolean. I heard it is pretty good though. Now, as far as board games, they have Risk 2210 which is actually really freaking cool. I only played it once. It has different peices and rules, plus their is a second game board of the moon....which you occupy. Their is also Lord of The Rings Risk, which I think is the same as the regular game with a different map and peices. I have never played it. Also there is Risk God Storm, which I have seen for sale at a board game website, but never played or really read about. I would bet it is good too.

    So no-body has ever played Axis and Allies before then???
  9. Waxy cheesecake

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    If you guys like strategy games then you LOVE Starcraft. It's the space version of Warcraft. You can do alot more with Starcraft though. You have 3 different races you can play. If your interested, google it.
  10. Mevans

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    I think starcraft is only for PC as of now, but I might be wrong. They did recently come out with a few variations of Warcraft as a boardgame. Supposedly good stuff.

    Another game I have been hearing a lot about is "Europe Engulfed". It is enormous, and supposedly can take up to 30 hours to play. Its games like that which I would love to play, but it would be a rare miracle on eart to find someone to play with me. And I don't think solitaire would be advisable on that one. Part of the game is a tactical risk like strategy, because you can always see forces building up across the board, but you never know what they are or how powerful they are until you encounter them. Forces are represented by wood blocks with one side blank, and the side facing you has power, type, and such other information. So you can fake people out. You could for instance move a large looking 12 or 15 regiment force just outside of Moscow full of light infantry at level one or two. Your opponent could be advancing towards moscow seeing these forces. He may have a 6 regiment force with a few heavy armor, and level 4 heavy infantry troops which would absolutley wipe out the 15 regiment force due to its power. The advancing army though, has to deal with a "fog of war" effect. Should he attack and risk total destruction of his advancing forces....or should he hold back and wait for reinforcements that might not make it in time........

    I am freeking watering at the mouth right now....I am a geek.
  11. The Real Deal

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    I think Risk II is better than the first one. It is alot harder and has alot more features. There is six new territories to gain control of. A new diplomacy system for strategic and tactical planning throughout the game. The battle action and terrain are in 3d and you can watch your units shootdown the enemy. Also you can play where you have to gain control of all the opponents capital city's. Plus there is some other new features that risk doesn't have... :up:
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  13. skychief

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    Man, my friends and I used to play Axis and Allies almost every night back in high school. We even got some girls involved which made for some pretty interesting games. There was a game, I believe made by the same company, that had two pirate ships that was pretty cool as well.
  14. Mevans

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    So you like axis and allies. It is a good game if you give it a chance. There is a new game out called Europe Engulfed. It supposedly plays for like 20 hours. Fun Fun