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Discussion in 'Zoology' started by William One Sac, Oct 9, 2004.

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    I am hoping it is alright to post about dinosaurs in this forum. I didnt see dinosaurs listed in the forum description, but paleontology is a form of archeology. And I am a dinosaur freak.

    I have followed with interest over the years the theory that dinosaurs evolved into birds. I have always been skeptical of this theory, I cant really say why, but I am. I often visit the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan, they have an awesome collection of fossils there, however they do things that are (in my opinion) meant to mislead the general public and stuff this theory of dinosaurs evolving into birds. Beside mixing dinosaurs and reptiles from largely seperated periods together, they will take a fossil of a dinosaur, make it look like it is jumping, then show pictures of it evolving into a bird along the way. However, as this article shows, the evidence is mounting and I may have to swallow the theory after all! Here though, is a perfect example from the said museum:

    I was about to provide more examples of the Museums predjudice, and realized I am going way off topic.

    China has been a big boom with making breaking discoveries in the field. And this latest discovery is no different. If dinosaurs developed feathers, perhaps as a way of staying warm initially, how far of a jump is it to say that through millions of years some eventually evolved into birds?

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    Great location to start this topic. This is the exact kind of stuff we are looking for in here. ;) We have tried to take the MAIN sciences that can fit all of the others into. Evolution has always really fascinated me. Especially since SO MUCH happened in a short period of time.
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    If dinsoaurs became birds, what did mammals originate from?

    Interesting fact: there is no green mammal
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    Mammals evolved from primitve reptiles called synapsids.

    There have been, I beleive, green cats in denmark actually. But that was more along the lines of 'freak of nature'.
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    Cool stuff. I like this place. :D
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    Rebuttal to the dinosaurs became birds theory.

    Although I subscribe to the theory that some dinosaurs did evolve into birds - I do try and maintain an open mind about the whole subject. I found this (try to ignore that it comes from an Intelligent Design site):

    If the digits are not compatible then it would seem extremely unlikely that birds are descendants from the dinosaurs.

    One thing is for sure - I obviously need to find more data on this subject because the case is definitely not closed.

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