News @ ID Supreme Court refuses to hear Schiavo appeal

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    15 years ago Terri Schiavo collapsed from a chemical imbalance caused by an eating disorder. Her heart stopped leaving her in a persistent vegetative state. Terri's husband sued her doctors and won a handsome settlement for the care and rehabilitation of his wife.

    Ten years later her husband asked the cours to have her feeding tube removed thus allowing his wife to die. Mr. Schiavo argued that his wife had not improved and would not want to live in her current state. Mrs. Schiavo did not have a written directive before her collapse.

    A judge ruled Terri Schiavo would not have wanted to be kept alive artificially and granted permission to have the tube removed. However, her parents, Bob and May Schindler, appealed, saying their daughter never had expressed such opinions. They are sought a new trial, arguing she has been denied her due process rights. They also note that other doctors have expressed that Terri can regain a quality a life and should be spared.

    This saga has spread its way through the court system, even becoming a political issue in Florida. But today that ended when SCOTUS refused to get involved in the controversary and allowed a lower court ruling to stand, thus allowing Terri's feeding tube to be removed.

    Source: CNN

    I have been following this case and waffling a great deal. I personally would not want to be kept alive if I was in a vegative state and I have taken the step that affirms this through a living will. But I have a real problem with this case because Mrs. Schiavo did not have written instructions to cease medical treatement nor had she expressed to anyone, other than her husband, that she wouldn't want to be kept alive.

    What is your take on this case? Should euthansia or termination of life saving medical treatment be allowed only if documented or should it be allowed anytime a spouse requests it?