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    How about a section about where would we be today if say some discovery had not occurred or if some wrong believe continued to have been believed. I dont know if i got the idea accross...but say for instance...

    Todays Where Would We Be Today If....

    People still believed the world was flat...or...
    We believed we were a tthe center of the universe...

    Each topic can just have a discussion about where we all think we would be...

    Maybe its retarded but i think it sounds pretty cool and would get people thinking....:up:
  2. bodebliss

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    The process of discovery is an inter-related activity. The way discoveries are made is one person publishes a result researchers read the report and run out and try to duplicate those results. In the process, they make other important discoveries which are also published. Now when it gets to a certain point there are inventions in the works. There are teams and individuals who will be trying to patent and produce the same invention at the same time and are even inspired by each other.

    Even if a certain invention is not invented by one person , it would have still been invented at the same time give or take a few years or decades.
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    I bet if you put that discussion in the thread of the day that invention was made, that would be fine.

    for example, when the "this day in history" thread rolls around for march 10, add a blurb about the telephone, invented on March 10, 1876. You can then start discussion on what life would be like without this invention.