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    what do you know about string thery
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    strings vibrate in 10 (or 11) dimensions, thats about it.
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    There are two basic types of string theories: those with closed string loops that can break into open strings, and those with closed string loops that can't break into open strings.

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    M theory

    Originally posted by Olympus_Mons
    First, in reply to what kiwirobin said, what you are describing isn't actulally two different theories, but two different types of strings suggested by string theory. The closed loops are thought to be the long saught after gravitons (the paricles that cause and control source of the force of gravity) while the other type of string is thought to be the most basic form of matter and energy. All these particle plus one more type called membranes are wrapped up in six extra dimensions that are dwarfed in size by even the smallest particles currently to have been confirmed to exist. Which brings me to M or membrane theory, which brings an 11th dimension into play. Membranes are three dimensional organic shapes that are constantly rippling kind of like on a pond on a windy day.
    Anyway, the theory says that with enough energy, a 'brane' could grow enormously in size, to say, the size of a universe. But when a membrane starts to grow, it leaves the univers and enters "the bulk" aka the 11th dimension.

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    I doubt anyone cares, but I had no knowledge of this string until now, but I logged on to start a thread about string/M theory.

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    strings r to the structure of energy as dna is to the structure of organic's. various strings, busyly humming away in thier own "frequncy" combine to form the various known, and some as yet unknown, energy forms. much like some dna combine to give you blue eyes- some strings combine to give us gravity. and some of this stuff really gets exotic and beyond me.
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    Teah, I saw that.
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    yeah i saw that, and personally i can't get my head around more than 4 dimensions, maybe if there was only 3 dmimesnions to begin with MAYBE but whenm you consider the 4th dimension is time where do you go from that, ohhh i,ve gotten a headache