Metaphysics String Theory-Mind-Wilderbeast?

Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by OdraNoel, Jan 18, 2005.

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    Some interesting reading if anyone is (interesting reading) at the moment.

    Wow what did I just write then?

    This guy is intruiging, you can tell by his photo. Good, thought provoking reading @:

    Brian Josephson's home page

    Hope that's OK, I was just going to point y'all at the actual text but couldn't find it last night. Guys your sites here rock and I'm very impressed, glad I found you. Excellent topics for discussion, amazing people who visit you... I'm going to get you a heap of new members, sorry but they are Australian (tee hee).

    Lastly, if a chicken fell in the forest would anyone clucken well hear it?:dn:
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    Welcome to I.D. ! :how:
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    Hey ya OdraNoel

    I'm a kiwi, so this will be fun !

    BTW am in your great country as I type, Queensland, beautiful one day, perfect the next !

    So we will leave rugby to another day...welcome to ID!
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    Hi There HelenHeaven!!

    Hi There HH! Nice to have someone close to home say g'day. Hope you are having a ball in Qld. I think we all know that the All Blacks are a better rugby team! (I hate rugby so.....). I'm sure if there are any aussies reading this my name will be MUD!!!

    I'm in Canberra, home of the tedious mind numbing Aussie politician. Look forward to hearing more from you, always impressed to find people searching for more in their lives, such as holidaying, and also being at sites like this where the worlds bizarre and amazing topics are shared and discussed.

    Have a great time and hear from you soon.

    Odra Noel