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Discussion in 'Literature & The Arts' started by Juanita, Dec 6, 2004.

  1. Juanita

    Juanita Member

    What are your favorites? Why and what is it about that particular novel(s) or short story affected you?

    One I will mention is Insomnia.

    I have come across a similar theory of how your perception changes from no sleep at all. A higher level of awareness to your surroundings is achieved via this state and you are able to 'see' the colors/energies/vibrations that we normally can't.

    Oh, and the short story, The Mist, just utterly scared the bejeezus out of me!!
  2. Aubiefan05

    Aubiefan05 Member

    I really loved "The Green Mile", (yes I read it BEFORE I saw the movie :saint2: ). "Hearts in Atlantis" is another favorite.I tackled 'The Stand' this summer but wasn't really thrilled with it...let's see...I thought "Thinner" was great, and also liked "The Shining". There are several more I"d like to read when I have time, but it seems like I haven't had much time for fiction lately.

    It's too bad a lot of people are turned off of King novels because they think they're all horror, he's one of the most talented writers I've come across, I really love his writing style, he has a distinctive "voice" in his narrative, in my opinion. I'm interested to hear what others think about him!
  3. elizabeth

    elizabeth New Member

    My favorite by Stephen King the Dark Tower series. I
    thinks it's due to be a science fiction/fantasy classic
    in the future.
    One of his books that affected me was "Rose Madder".
    It was surpriseingly pro-feminine. It was a look
    into the mind of a battered wife and how she could
    rise above her circumstances. The story revolved
    around a painting she bought that mysteriously
    changed each time she herself changed something
    about her life. I don't think "Rose Madder" was as
    popular as some of his other works, but I thought it
    was fabulous.
  4. Seth Bullock

    Seth Bullock Premium Member

    Have read all of his books, he is my favorite author. I love "The Mangler", "Trucks" short storys, "The Body" (Made into the movie Stand by Me) and the aformentioned "The Mist", novellas. But my all time favorites are:

    3. Christime
    2. The Stand

    And the winner is:

    1. Salem's Lot

    Ya gotta love a good vampire story!
  5. Bleys

    Bleys Phoenix Takes Flight Staff Member

    Favorite King Books:

    3. The Stand - Gotta love Flagg.

    2. Shawshank Redemption - Best of the novellas.

    1. Eye of the Dragon - I have no idea why, but it's my favorite.

  6. elizabeth

    elizabeth New Member

    "Eye of the Dragon" was a little "different" was'nt it?
    I liked it too. It was like a fairy tale.
    Has anyone read "Bag of Bones"? It's a nicely
    mysterious and hard to put down ghost story
    of King's.
  7. Juanita

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    I have never read Rose Madder; Sounds like worthwhile reading.

    And I do see Stephen King as a very talented writer. He does alot of research and can connect to just about anyone through his use of intermingling slang and 'proper' words. His stories are very thought provoking, to say the least.

    I was a little skeptical of the Dark Tower series because it is science fiction; But once I read one - well, I should've known that he would attract my attention.

    I read Dreamcatcher before I saw the movie and just loved it, as always. And, as always, the movie does no justice to what images the mind produces by reading.
  8. Bleys

    Bleys Phoenix Takes Flight Staff Member

    From what I understand he wrote it for one of his children and one of Peter Straub's. That's probably why I like it so much it appeals to my Peter Pan side.

    I have not read Bag of Bones - Mr. King and I had a falling out after I read Gerald's Game (his worse novel ever). I still haven't forgiven him or read anything after it. :mad:

  9. Aubiefan05

    Aubiefan05 Member

    I haven't read the "Dark Tower" series, but it's definitely on my list, how many are there in the series now? Six or seven?
  10. marg6043

    marg6043 Premium Member

    I have read many of his books and some are good others are just to predictable for me.

    I really don't have a favorite book per said but I will find one.:duh:
  11. Zsandmann

    Zsandmann Premium Member

    1. Shawshank Redemption - Novella from "The Seasons" or something like that. Movie was awesome too, something you dont usually get to say.

    2. Trucks - Ive read the short story and seen both movies, "Trucks" and "Maximum Overdrive" I really like the concept as far fetched as it might be.

    3. The Shining - A classic of our times. If you gotta watch the movie make sure its the Jack Nicholson version, the other with the guy from Wings wont cut it.
  12. Juanita

    Juanita Member

    Ah yes....Different Seasons. That was the one that had The Breathing Method in it, right? It seemed boring at first and then the end just made me gasp!

    I agree - the concept of Maximum Overdrive was a little far-fetched, but it certainly held my attention and made me think twice about the comets that pass nearby! And I never liked AC/DC, but the song at the end of the movie, Who Made Who, was quite appropriate!

    OH! Ever noticed how he integrates parts from his other books into each other? Like, I read Bag of Bones and Black House(?) at the same time, which I don't recommend jumping from story to story of that depth, and tho Bag of Bones was 'ok', I think Black House was a precursor to either the Dark Tower series or , oh crap, what was the name of the book w/ the young boy that went to another world through his closet and had to save his friend....The one w/ Wolfie (I think that was his wolf/companions name) in it??? I can't believe I forgot the name of that book.....
  13. elizabeth

    elizabeth New Member

    Wow Bleys, I thought that was his worst book too! Glad
    to know someone else had the same opinion. I did'nt like it
    either. It was so unlike him to write that "junk" lol. Maybe he was trying to compete with V.C. Andrews' incest based novels? I don't know.
  14. I liked the book Christine and Shawshank Redemption. Steven King is a master at writing a twisted tale of evil.
  15. The Shining was good, but Salam's lot keep me on edge 25 years ago. I would say for myself Salem's lot is the best. Some of his short stories are great too but, for the life of me I can not remember the titles.
    I prefer Dean Koontz over King any day.
  16. oddtodd

    oddtodd Premium Member

  17. Bleys

    Bleys Phoenix Takes Flight Staff Member

    I know what you are saying - I haven't read a book in a while in which I was completely drawn into every emotion.

    My husband just gave me Lost boy, lost girl by Peter Straub - he said it scared the heck out of him - so I keeping my fingers crossed.

  18. DontTreadOnMe

    DontTreadOnMe Member

    I love Stephen King. Every one things of horror stories when they think of King, but that is far from the truth.
    His portrayal of humankind is amazing.
    From "the Stand" to the "Shawshank Redemption".

    King is absolutely brilliant in examing the human condition.

    I actually liked the mini-series version of "The Sining" better than the Jack NIcholson version.

    Has anyone read his story about the little girl lot in the woods of Main, who listens to baseball games. It is very good, but I can never remember the title.

    I've only seen the movie "Hearts in Atlantis"--I look forward to reading the book.
    Also, there's lots of Stephen King books I'm not even aware of.
    So, I'm off to amazon to check them out, thanks!!
  19. Tokyo Blue

    Tokyo Blue New Member

    My all time SK novel has to be It. Its funny, because I was scared out of my mind while reading it, because my imagination was working overtime.

    I prefer alot of his works from the 80s. I can't get into the books he wrote post 1990.
  20. mscbkc070904

    mscbkc070904 Premium Member

    I have enjoyed alot of his works...started reading them when i was 12, my mom didnt know til later, cause she is SK fan and had every book, but late at night i would get up and sneak the book in my room read like a few chapters then sneak it back on the bookshelf, reading a horro book, under the covers in a dark room was awesome.

    My fav was Salems Lot cause it was the first one I read of his and I was scared to know how your imagination runs when its all quiet, dark, sneaking...kind of like a campfire story.