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  1. I know that this topic has the potential to blow up into a religion vs science war, but I would like to hear about any major discoveries that have occured through this type of research. I am against cloning humans because that is too close to playing god in my opinion, but if we are able to grow these type of cells outside the confines of a human fetus wouldnt the benefits outweigh the problems? Lets hear what you think!
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    Luckily, we are not a conspiracy site, so we can throw the what itfs out the window. :) Here we can concentrate on the Science of each. YEAH!

    I found this interesting:
    I think stem cells will be very important for extending the lived and living conditions for a great many people that are not so lucky to be in perfect health. It would be amazing if this worked and they were able to restore hearing to someone. I would love to be there when the person hears for the very first time. It would be so moving!
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    Bob Klien - Democrat
    Seems his son has diabetes, and this has caused him to rethink the morals of theresearch. I wonder how many others could be swayed if a loved one had diabetes, parkinsons, alzheimers, etc.
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    Maybe both sides can have their way - :lb:

    This research is so important and has such great potential in the coming century - I applaud men like Dr. Hurlbut for trying to find common ground.

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