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    Steganography is the science of concealing information. Making it invisible. Have a look at your
    dollor bill. There's steganography invovled but you might not be able to see it because it's
    invisible... But it's there. Maybe seeing it through a light?

    here's an example of Steganography. Look at the quote body below, there's a message in there.
    At first glance, there's nothing, but select it with your mouse and the message will appears.

    If you want to have fun experimenting steganography with digital files, I suggest that you go
    here and download HIEW. It's a hacker view - although, you don't need to be a hacker to use it!

    Even if you're not going to use hiew for viewing images or any alien file, it's still a great
    asset to have. There are characters that notepad can't display but HIEW will. There are a total
    of 256 characters, HIEW will show it all. In a way, you can use HIEW to view text file and you
    will not be disappointed by the result. (ESC to exit the program, ALT+ENTER to fullscreen.
    ALT+ENTER again to zoom out, the arrow key and page up/down all works the way you are expected
    it to work)


    Before I go any further, I want you to download the software and explore it. The software comes
    in a ZIP form. In that zip there's a file called HIEWDEMO.EXE <--- that's all you need. The
    rest can be discard and throw away. However, you might want to keep the help files if you're
    going to study how the software works.

    For convenient sake: extract hiewdemo.exe into your desktop. If you want to view a file, just
    click on the file that you want to view and drag it into hiewdemo.exe

    For safety sake: don't mess with windows file. don't modify files that you don't know. AWALYS
    keep this in mind! Yes, it's fun being a scientist looking at file through a digital microscrope,
    but you have to know what you're doing. If you want to modify your mp3 file, make a copy and
    modify the copied version, not the original.

    Get to know the software and I'll get back to this later. While you're experimenting with hiew
    here are something else to keep you busy.

    Resources to get you started with Cryptography (the science of keeping message secret and
    breaking it!)



    more later

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    Ok. Here's what you do to get to know HIEW.

    First, open notepad and type in something, anything. Save it and drag that text file into HIEW.

    There are three mode. Pressing F4 will list the modes and tells you which one you're on.

    By default you'll always begin with TEXT mode, in other word Notepad mode. The second mode
    is HEX. In hex mode you can really see what each character is made out of and you can change the
    bit that made up the characters.

    The last mode is Decode, Decode is really an assembly mode. This mode is not for you it's not for
    anyone in this forum so there's no need to discuss it. If you're a programmer you'll know what this
    mode is for. DECODE mode is for EXE files. For text or images or any file that aren't executable,
    decode mode is useless. Therefore, just ignore decode.

    F4 is one way to cycle through modes, but a fast and quicker way is the ENTER key. Press it many
    time will cycle through the modes.

    In text mode you cannot edit, only view. F2 will turn Word Wrap on and off. F7 to search.
    In hex mode, you can edit. Think of it as an editing mode. You have two options, hex or text.

    To edit in hex mode, press F3, by default you'll be editing in hex mode. To edit in text mode,
    press TAB. Press TAB again will brings you back to hex. When you're done with your editing,
    press F9 to save the changes. If you press F3 by accident which will bring you into editing mode
    you can go back with the ESC key.

    NOTE: editing in hex only type in numbers, letters won't work. In text mode you can type in letters.


    If you took down grav puzzle (the one with the keyboard and arrow). Throw it into hiew and do the following.

    Go to hex mode and press F7 (search) which brings up a box with two options... you can search by typing
    in text or the hex. GIF file end in "00 3B hex" so search for 00 3B in the hex (press TAB)

    and press enter to search. Now you'll see 00 3B. The one after that is 50... that's where the ZIP file
    begin. PK is the signature of zip file. Within that zip, there's a gif file called GUESS.GIF. The zip
    is protected by a password... the clue for the password is the image itself. Normally, to get the zip
    you have to find ways to extract it, but in this case you can just rename the gif that you downloaded
    to zip. Change the gif extension to zip.

    ats13594_kbz.gif ----> ats13594_kbz.zip

    one more thing, if you edit and want to undo the editing, just go to the part that you edit and press
    Backspace. When you edit something, it turn yellow. How do you know that gif end in 00 3B? By observing
    normal gif file... try it with other non-exe files.

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    Cryptography (and Steganography) Resources

    I have found a few of these links to be quite helpful in the past.

    I hope this provides a little help to someone...:D
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    Yes I've been following it since I found out that Cow_file is an anagram for Icewolf. I know, very strange!

    Icewolf and I have nothing to do with BlackLabyrinth, perhaps the Cow or the Lupus. This thread was made long ago without the knowledge of BL invovled. Now that it's being mentioned I think we can put to use.

    I am currently trying to find out more about stegno, here if you're interest in it: http://www.forensics.nl/steganography


    about the HIEW: It's a mini dos Hex editor.