News @ ID Spousal Rape Case Sparks Old Debate

Discussion in 'News @ ID' started by Bleys, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. Bleys

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    Just over 10 years ago one of my friends was murdered by her ex-husband. In spite of numerous restraining orders - this man raped her on several occassions, broke into her home repeatedly and was arrested twice for brandishing a gun.

    Western judicial law has always taken the issue of spousal rape too lightly and failed to punish perpetrators as they would any other rapist. I saw the following article today - I began thinking of my friend and it made me mad that we still do not treat spousal rape the same as we would any other.

    The article in its entirety:
    I would appreciate your feelings on this - regardless of where you stand on this issue.

    Thanks, Bleys
  2. oortpower

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    I think that rape of any sort is wrong, but I think certain amounts of information are needed. How would the judge know that the wife isn't trying to get money. For evidence of physical abuse how do you know that the people don't engage in sadomasochistic sex. It would be very hard to tell the differnce between rape and normal sex, if they were known to be practitioners of S&M. In fact a lot of wife complaints could be just S&M stuff. Choking accusatiions could be from someone who practices erotic asphexiation. So I think they should prosecute equally but it is ridiculously hard.
  3. kiwirobin

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    Oort is right about the fine line between truth and fiction.
    I mean have a look at the Michal Jakson case at the moment.
    Guilt in these circumstances is in the grey area although I believe if someone was a practitioner of the extreemer form of pleasure they would have people that were aware of that. Usualy this is a learning process and practice through a club or group.
    Anyway, if guilty, surgically remove the abillity for sexual pleasure without anesthetic. And make them shovel poop at the zoo for the rest of their lives.
    If not guilty, make the plaintif shovel the poop.