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  1. I have not been a member of this group a month yet. I never received any spam mail until I joined this group now my yahoo mail is full of spam from members of this group and who knows who else:mad: I would like someone to tell me how to remove my membership. I would like to thank the real members who are here for a good reason. But i wish to withdraw from this community.:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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    I've been here for a very long time and I can assure you that you got it elsewhere. I just checked your profiles and your email is not shown. And you're rarely on here and your profile is very low so it can't be ID. IF so who could possibily do that? In the past I experienced weird problem as well and I though it was ID. I also experience difficulty visiting this site... it's like someone is controlling my browsing. Because I can only access this site at certain time.

    Turned out my browser was hijacked while visiting elsewhere or to some unknown territory on the net. IF there is someone here doing the spamming, I think I'm the likely target. Not you.

    Coincident I would say.
  3. Bleys

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    Hippy - I'm concerned about your experience. It is strange to say the least as neither I nor my husband, who is also a member, has gotten spam.

    I would hate to lose you as a member of ID over something that has not been confirmed as being caused by the board or one of it's members.

    I've sent U2Us to the administrators to ask for their help. If you believe the problem stems from any one member please let me know via U2U.

    I want to help,
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    I'll chime in.

    I have not gotten any spam because of this site.
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    Here at ID, we do not condone any spamming at all. This is a free site to all and we do not advertise anything or contact members directly to their e-mail accounts for that matter. We only contact members through U2U. We do not give your addresses out to anyone. If you have your address shown to all members in your profile, then it is possible for a spider to find it and add you to a list. So, I do not recommend to ever leave your e-mail open to the public to view. I use me personal address on this site and I have not gotten any spam.

    If you suspect someone from this site is spamming you, let us know and we will deal with it promptly. I hate spam and I would not be a part of any of it. This is something that we take seriously.

    If you still wish to be removed, then U2U me and I will remove your account from this site.
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    Any spam that has appeared to be directly from any member of, or as a result of any ID registration membership, should be immediatly forwarded to any senior staff here, as this is against the tac of membership at ID.

    I would be personally interested in reviewing any suspect spam that appears from a member of ID or as a result of registering here.

    Please also everyone be aware, if you select to have your email address in your profile visable to all reader's, this can also allow your email address to be harvested by automated mechanisms and bots for spam purposes by illicit organization's.

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    I did want to also add, since HRNH, you have your yahoo account listed in your personal profile as a contact apparently, and your yahoo name is also available and published to anyone, that you may remove this from your user profile if you feel that it might be exploited and adding to the spam that you receive.

    These settings of course are in your user CONTROL PANEL.

    Another thing to keep in mind, is free mail accounts are usually very likely to get bucket loads of spam by their very nature using them and their provider's ad-based income that allow's these free account's to be made available. They have no vested interest in reducing the spam sent to you, especially by their sponsoring organization's. Quite commonly, many website's refuse member registration's using these free mail account's, not necessarily for spam reason's, but for many reason's and issue's that usage of these type mail services seem to always create.