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Discussion in 'Astronomy' started by Mizar, Feb 11, 2005.

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    Crap forgot my own thoughts.... I'm really starting to go down hill.

    I think this is an intresting concept and really thinking outside the box. ALthough I don't see it was one of the more pratical ideas I do see it as one of the more intresting.
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    Is the earths magnetic field really strong enough for this?
    If so why havn't they made satilites that generate electricity like this.
    A large armature with many windings would excite a charge if in an orbit cutting the magnetic field, but only in relation to the strenght of the field.
    If this was possible would they not power the international spacestation like this and not the inefficient solar panals they now use?
    Wouldn't they make free, unlimited, polutionless energy thus and send it back to earth in the form of radio,gamma,x-rays or such?
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    kiwirobin raises a good point. Why would you go for something like this when it would be just as hard to use a orbital elevevatopr to get the object to space and a light boost to get it to the moon or another line to pull it there and use electromagnetic coil guns to fling it wherever you want to.