Astronomy Space probes feel cosmic tug of bizarre forces

Discussion in 'Astronomy' started by Cinderloft, Sep 13, 2004.

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    I have read about dark matter. Personally, I think it is a little from column a, and a little from column b. We do not know enough about dark matter to determine its importance/interaction in the laws of gravity, etc. Only a followup mission, which they propose, would possibly help in bettering that understanding.
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    here is a link to a recently launched satellite experiment trying to measure some of the unseen forces in space fabric .

    It is trying to measure any noticable "drag" due to the earths rotation and its possible warping affect of space .
    Hopefully they will record and analyze some kind of phenomena that will help us understand things a little bit better . Cool stuff !!
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    I recently read a article that explained that some violations of relativity that arise from quantum gravity can cause such mystery forces. Some quantum gravity theories allow for new tensor fields (and the special cases of tensor fields: scalar and vector fields) to be added. These can depend on direction, relative velocity, spin, etc. There are quite a few experiments going on to determine if such effects are real. However, until now no experiment has found such violations of relativity.

    Maybe the Pioneers' mystery force is such a relativity violation, but it can also just be a mechanical failure of the probes themselves.
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    Does the warping effect from space have anything to do with string theory or superstring theory?
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    This article from NASA points out alot of information that may very well deal with the issues that are being faced. Maybe it is actually dark energy and not dark matter causing the problems. Only more in-depth research in this area will determine.
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    I think it's more the Theory of Relativity and the rubber membrane idea of space around a planet . If string theory is real , then everything we know would be included in it ...
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    But then wouldnt we be able to both prove superstring theory, as well as find out what the force is by equation manipulation? i.e. If everything we know is included in it, we take what we want to know and rework the equation. Unless it does not exactly work like that of course. I am new to the whole string-super string thing. Never been great at math, but it intrigues me nonetheless. Especially pi. I really believe that number holds a lot of secrets and abilities yet to be discovered.