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Discussion in 'Astronomy' started by oortpower, Jan 18, 2005.

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    Okay, a lot of people say that one of the major things that hold up space travel is the launch. If a new method could be discovered then it probably would help space research immensly. Here's a question. why use chemical propulsion? If a large enough coil gun could be made and enough power provided to it you could at least launch sats a lot cheaper. you might have a 100+ g acceleration but a properly designed sat could take that. A person would go squish but if your coil-gun was longer so it could reach high enough speed without that acceleration why not use that? What do you guys think?
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    Let's say you built this thing and the object leaving it was at orbital speed when it left the device, the projectile would burn up in the atmosphere.
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    Yeah, but if you had a thin needle shaped ferromagnetic container with layered high-temp ceramic that came off in layers, taking the heat with it. But even if you couldn't design a pod that can withstand orbital speed at the dense low level air you could at least get up to a decent speed so you don't have to use the chemical propulsion systems as much.
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    I have seen a design for a "ramp" that is like a maglev train , or a gradual coil gun . Popular mechanics I think , will hunt around . Even if something like this was just used to speed a rocket up before chemical ignition takes over , it would save TONS of feul .

    i think your idea of helping with the start up is best , bodebliss is right , the sucker would scorch itself at low altitudes . Also , I have to wonder how much power would be needed for a gun that size , and what feul is used to get the electricity for it .
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    i drew aup a picture abotu a year ago, which has a sphere capsule encased in a larger sphere (sort of like in the film contact) where the two speres repel each other, put a little rocket on the capsule and then make a tunnel on one end and then the capsule will fly out like air out of a balloon. Also nasa has a enw space shuttle that they are launching this year i think, can someone give me a better link?
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    I would say that fission woul.d be the best of todays energy producing methods. You could get rid of the waste by poping into space and sending it on a exit orbit to, say, the sun or Jupiter for disposal.