Metaphysics Sometimes Its Better To Not Know The Truth

Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by infinite, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. infinite

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    In the world, there is many of us who try are hardest to find the truth to something that means so much to us. For example, for the people who know me from ATS, know im always searching to find the truth about the new world order and the illuminati, etc but what if the truth i find at the end is not what i want?

    Religious followers aswell, what about if they were to find out that God does not exist? some will see their life as empty and without meaning.

    Of course, there is many different examples i could use but all come to the same answer, think about how truth could change you. Remember, it might not be the reflection you want.
  2. overrocked

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    Very deep.

    Yes, it can be like making a hobby a job- it just destroys it.

    Or like psychotherapy- where you find the answer is pretty silly and alot of a waste of time and money.

    Or you can be so convinced that the answer is the truth- and not pursue the journey of exploring the field

    Thought immediately of Don Juan and the amount of unlearning we must do sometimes when I first read this post.

    But then again, maybe the truth will set you free, and you can peel back the onion to a layer that is much sweeter.
  3. Ape

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    I agree with u most times the truth takes a darker path and what you know to be truth is more like steering u away from it almost like truth is a curse. But if it's true is it really that bad? I'm not making much since but I really don't know how to put this in words.
  4. Ape

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    I wrote this in the what is truth thread....
    You know what I relized today. I was on the bus looking out at the sky and thought about truth..... no real reason, anyway truth (for the most part) takes a dark role, at least it seems to be what we don't want it to be. And what most people think is truth is just to comfort.....i.e. ignorance. For instance I don't fully understand religion and thously I don't really have a religion but I believe religions good and all but mainly for the hope it gives people like it helps them in their time of need it gives them strength. And truth (in my eyes, my opinion) is that their is no heavenly entity that created all and controls everything and "works in mysterious ways" excuess I believe. If there is a god and I am wrong then why hasn't he stopped the war, the pain, brudal murders to inocent people. Humanitys worping in some sick twisted ways. I mean people can get away with murder with enough money and a good lawyer.
    If you really think about it and get to the general idea almost everything seems to be the dark truth and the light lie. It's easy to support a lie that makes you feel good but once you take in the truth you feel like your cheating yourself. Just me maby. But if the lie makes you feel good is it wroung to continue it? What's your opinion? Continue the lie and feel happy or live a life of truth yet saddness?
  5. JcMinJapan

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    For me, I would prefer the truth. But, I come from a reasoning type of mind when I say that. I would rather have the truth thrust in front of me and I can deal with it alot better. I mean, if we are just Amoeba in a trepid pond on some strange planet and the chemical process that has been invoked is giving us this self-made world of reality, I would like to know it. And yes, this is a concept that could be entirely plausible. If it was so, I would have no problem accepting that. Actually, it would give you more freedom as you would be bound by what you believe to be true and can thus start to change things.

    This is with every aspect of our life as well. The truth may be harsh, sometimes good or sometimes bad, but knowing the truth and dealing with reality is much better for me. Many would rather live in the lie if it was better, this may be the case depending of each truth. But, knowing the truth will afford me the opportunity to KNOW THE TRUTH and then living in the lie or taking the truth and living with it will depend on each situation.

    I am an explorer in my heart, finding the truth and doing the exploration for the truth is the true adventure. Just knowing my is my goal.
  6. Young William

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    Well perhaps the reminder of our imperfect human nature tends to destroy additional creative potential. But living that way, seems to rob us all of additional gain, the truth is always sobering and effaced.

    The Greek tradegies offer much when considering this topic, for many "commons" enjoyed public display, but simultaneously prayed that they weren't next.
  7. mscbkc070904

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    Truth should be known to lay rest those unknown thoughts, questions, revaltions, theories, hypotheticals, etc. To not know the truth, can sometimes only hurt you more, especially if you believe in one thing that you always thought was true and found out later its a lie, even though the truth is not what you want to hear or like.

    Some good examples, dont laugh, Waterboy with Adam Sandler. His momma said this, but he found out differently.
  8. saria_vo

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    This reminds me of when I was doing some reading on Zen Buddhism. One of the main tenets is impermanence. Nothing is permanent, everything is always changing. I remember when I first read this and thought "Bull! Some things never change...right?" But the more I thought about it, even though I resisted it at first, I realized that it was the truth. It can be a painful thing to come face to face with the truth. For me, it was the truth that nothing lasts forever. Would I have been better off not knowing the truth? In my opinion, no. Not seeing the truth is living a delusion, a fantasy.
  9. junior_smith

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    but you know when you search for truth the salvation will not be in the reward but the journey you have taken

    here's a nice cliche all of us have heard:
    it's not the journey it's the destination

    maybe thats what we enjoy not the chasing nirvana or atlantis or skirts, its the chase
  10. overrocked

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    In the attempt to make sense of the world- we may be trying too hard to connect the dots. When a democratic society depends on government be transparent and it is not- the masses actually turn the government into totalitarian channels -

    When the truth becomes transparent, and we see the results of the governments' actions, we seem to be unable to channel our energy into changing anything for the better.

    Take as an example, the torture that occurs to get 'the truth' from prisoners held for 'terrorism' And our inability to prevent our (representative) leaders from abusing the 'power' of the American people.


    Thanks infinite for your thread- i checked out a book by Mark Fenster that was very useful in channeling my curiosity to effective research.
  11. Fitzpatrick

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    It is allows best to strive for the truth even though it is an un reachable goal.
  12. Ape

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    or solving a question that has no answer.
  13. Ape

    Ape Premium Member

    Or should I say trying to solve a question that has no answer.
  14. JcMinJapan

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    When people think of the truth, many think of the NOW truth. IE: Is our govt telling the truth? Why are we living? etc etc etc

    But, the truth is.... We are a bunch of atoms clumped together. DNA tells us what we look like and a chemical process tells us how we act and probably even what we think. We do not really see with our eyes.. our brain actually translates what the eyes take in a produces the images in our brain. Love, hate, shyness, sympathy, caring, and all other feelings are just chemical processes happening that make our brains control the way we feel. The sense of touch is just the brain reacting to the sensors in our fingers, toes and such; that is why many people have different pain levels, as their brains process it differently. Hearing is essentially the same way. We are a collection of atoms and chemical processes that give us HUMANISMS....

    Now, take it beyond and we look at the Earth. If we took all of the beaches in the world and layed them out together. The Earth, would be about the size of one of those grains of sand. The Earth is spinning at 40,000 kilometers / day at the equator and it revolves around the sun at a speed of 18.5 miles/sec or 30 km/sec. The sun is about 26,000 light-years from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy and the Milky Way is around 100,000 light-years across. The Solar System is on one of the spiral arms near the edge of the solar system and is takes about 250 million years to orbit once the Milky Way as the solar system is traveling at a speed of 155 miles/sec or 250 km/sec. Now, the Milky Way belongs to a group of galaxies and is named "Local Group". This group is made up of about 30 galaxies and is around 50 million light years across. We are orbiting this group around 185 miles/sec or 300 km/sec. Now saying a light year makes everything sound really simple... now, take this example that I found at which explains how far a light year is.
    Ok, now, the earth is traveling out of control at great speeds withing a hugley vast cosmos and has probably an estimated 6,400,000,000 people living on it. Now remember, the earth is the size of a grain of sand. What would we call 6 billion of something living on a grain of sand on earth? Bacteria or microbes eh? ;)

    So, after all of this, the truth is that we are insignifigant in the scheme of things and basically bacteria with a mental capacity to think and advance our society by electronic means and yet, we as bacteria on this planet are basically made up of bacteria itself.....

    That is the straight truth.... Is reality scary? Maybe for some, but for me, it does not make a difference. It makes me wonder what I will be or what will happen after this existance. Why would I ask such a thing if I basically just explained us as nothing larger that a million microbes living on a point of a needle? Well, when we die a small amount of energy is released...... My thought is that we are THAT energy. That is what gives us conscience. That evergy I would hope will merge with other energies and make another ME? Will I move throughout space time to live in another shell (Body)? Are we just energy beings that actually give the body a spark to grow and the energy to keep it going? Those are the answers that I seek. But, the reality that is, is that is the truth........ the truth; Much crazier than fiction......
  15. bodebliss

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    not knowing the truth of what ?

    It's depends if you are about to be over run by a bear in an open area w/o chance of escape.....

    ....and if you also feel this way about life in general.....
  16. Ape

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    To add to what JC said is there really any limit to how small or how big something can get. I mean 6 billion people living on a grain of sand and each one of those people made up of billions of atoms and you know what strikes me as weird? I was in science class and was looking at a model of an atom and right beside it was a poster of all the plantets and the sun , Dont they look similar alittle? What if all we know of space and all the stars and such are just atoms and it's all a bunch of atoms to make (I don't know) a ball or something? And the reason nothings happened to use is that were going so fast for that realm were like less then a blink of an eye to the "Ball" Get were I'm going? No limit to size. I know this is amazingly weird but like JC said The Truth may be crazier than fiction......
  17. Ape

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    and I agree with JC energy can't be created or destroyed right? what happens to the energy that keeps us alive? Maby thats what the afterlife is. What ever the energy is converting to is what your afterlife will be. But you won't know whats going on you aren't conscience. But you won't know till you expire so guess we'll have to wait.
  18. Ikebana

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    In my humble non-significant opinion of massively clumped atoms, I would like to say that sometimes I think I have spent my entire life wondering, questioning, searching, studying, disecting so-called 'truths' of philosophers, scientists, researchers, religionists, teachers, parents, etc, until I have reached the downward side of the time-line of life expectancy...and ALL the information I have accumulated amounts to no more than TRIVIA on a Jeopardy game of life and I have spent more of my life questioning everything than I have LIVING my life. So for whatever it is final answer is......................:moon: Night folks !

    Love The Blogs
  19. CyberKat6

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    Yes, Infinite, in a way what you say makes sense. You also sound as if you are tired. I mean tired of a quest you have been on for a very long time.

    IMHO, maybe you need to take a break from your search, and sit back and go over slowly, everything that you have discovered so far. Perhaps weed out some of it that is just clutter (if there is any of that), and put together the pieces of the puzzle that you have. It may take on a whole new shape. One that make sense to you.

    Isn't the reason for seeking truth and knowledge not so much to be sure that you like what you find, but so that if indeed you don't like what you find, perhaps it can be changed, if caught in time?

    If it weren't for people like you, and if there is going to be a major problem, like a Police State, well we can only hope to change the course of the NWO if we learn about it's innerworkings in time. Before we fall into their silent trap before we know what happened.

    If we just walked around clueless, heads in the sand, we would certainly fall victim to whatever they have planned for us, just like they expect us to do. Then, it might be too late. There might be no turning back. Life as we know it would no longer exist. We would always wonder if we had only known everything just a little sooner, could we have saved ourselves.

    Just my 2 cents FWIW:p
  20. _Angel_1991

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    If you think ignorance is bliss, then you also must say that being dead must be better than being alive. Yes, maybe te truth will be darker than we can ever imagine. Yes, maybe all paths lead to ruin and darkness, but it is better to know, because if you don't, you are living a lie. Ignorance is like being dead: you are peaceful, but there is nothing else to be.

    If all is dark and there is nothing but death ahead, and you do not know this, then you are pained more than if you know the truth and try to stop the darkness from falling, for even if you fail in the fight, you have tried, and that thought will carry you home. Doing something is always more fufilling than doing nothing. If you do nothing, then you are nothing.

    Look out onto the world; yes it is dark, but there are people who recognize the truth. Yes, there are people like you fighting against the darkness that WILL fall, but even as they know this they continue to fight. They will fail, yet not fail, for failure is only truly failure when you do nothing. Failure is not failing to do what you set out to do but not doing anything at all.

    Angels are always watching, even if you don't believe it. How can death destroy your attempt to stop evil, to stop all that is wrong and reveal the truth? It cannot.